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Do you wish to begin investing in binary options or FX in order to enhance your career? Then you must select one of the internet brokerage firms for that. However, finding a trustworthy trading platform is not simple right now. Considering there are
several options accessible
around you. It is at least a hundred. However, there are two main brokers that are at the forefront of the market. They are
IQ Option and Olymp Trade,
two popular trading platforms.

iq option vs olymp trade

These are the
top well-known binary options
providers in the world right now. However, some people have their very own preferences when it comes to selecting one. They also compare them in terms of advantages and convenience of usage.

We will also discuss what they are and how we can evaluate IQ Option and Olymp Trade in depth. What exactly do they have to offer you? We will go over all of these topics here so that you can get a quick overview of everything. So let’s find out
IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade – Which one is better?

IQ Option review

IQ Option is a well-known online brokerage that trades
options, FX, and CFDs.
It is primarily a brokerage firm situated in Cyprus. Here, almost 25,000,000 verified consumers trade. Along with many other things, it’s among the finest binary options brokerage firms.

iq option broker

In general,
IQ Option
provide consumers with three types of brokerage accounts. On this system, clients can quickly join up or enroll for a genuine account, a demo account, or a VIP account.

demo account
allows clients to begin their trading careers. The actual account, on either hand, requires a minimum investment to create. An initial deposit of $10 is required to open the account. In addition, a
$3,000 payment
is required to open a VIP account.


Clients of IQ Option can invest in
over 500 financial instruments.
In addition, IQ Option provides a fantastic interactive learning program. So that anyone interested in trading with IQ Option can understand more about it. In addition, beginners can quickly grasp this platform. Not just that, but it is especially useful for professional ones.

Using this teaching resource, they can learn about the trading market. All of the materials accessible here are important and beneficial to the clients.

IQ Option is a recognized organization that is governed by the well-known CySEC. Furthermore, this broker organization offers its services in a variety of nations around the globe. Unfortunately, IQ Option is not available in
Japan, Canada, the United States, and Israel
and is only available in a few other nations.

iq option

The following are the
most important facts about IQ Option:

  • The firm is headquartered in Cyprus and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and it is the world’s leading broker of binary options
  • Rising account registrations
  • The foreign clientele is accepted by an authorized firm
  • There are almost 500 marketplaces
  • A simple initial deposit of $10 is required, yet the investment yields a high rate of return
  • The platform of excellent quality and accessibility

Olymp Trade review

Olymp Trade is quite similar to IQ Option. In terms of binary options trading, they are identical. Olymp Trade is
also established in Cyprus,
with a strong presence in Russia and its offices in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This binary options brokerage has estimated to have more than
25,000 traders
using its site on a daily basis.

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olymp trade

On its website, Olymp Trade offers
two kinds of brokerage accounts.
There are two types of accounts: ordinary and VIP. In order to begin trading, a basic account requires an initial investment of $10. VIP accounts
require a $2,000

initial deposit.

However, these two accounts begin with a $10,000 fake deposits demo account. The firm provides over
100 assets for trading on the platform.
It offers a lot of instructional components that newbies can use for trade training.

International Financial Commission (IFC)
regulates the platform, although there is no genuine body from a nation that regulates the offerings.

As a result, Olymp Trade is not accessible to European customers.

However, based on our study and testing, the brokerage firm meets the
greatest security standards.

olymp trade trading

The following are the
most important facts regarding Olymp Trade:

  • The company is based in Cyprus and Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines.
  • The IFC Brokerage is a licensed firm for binary options and forex.
  • A tiny initial investment of $10 is required to use the secure trading system.
  • Over 44 million downloads
  • Each day, about 25,000 people utilize it.
  • Increasing popularity

Organizations’ regulations (regulatory agencies)

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission
regulates IQ Option

(CySEC). This demonstrates a high level of confidence since it is a legitimate and moral entity in Europe. Furthermore, IQ Option is
licensed by regulatory agencies in a lot of nations,
allowing the brokerage firm to operate.


International Financial Commission
(IFC) regulates Olymp Trade with the highest possible level A. It is an impartial organization that examines brokers based on a variety of factors. We also know that the authority is legitimate because many reputable brokers have received this certification.

However, agencies
that both the brokerage operations are in conformity with the lawful financial legislation. Regulatory authorities also deal with disputes that occur as a consequence of the improper utilization of brokers.

Assessment of active customers

Over 25,000 active investors use the Olymp Trade with a regular account from the website. According to its webpage,
approximately 250,000 active customers
executed actual trades on a genuine account in Jan 2020. They brag that their platform is gaining more customers on a regular basis. Their monthly revenue surpassed $171 million.

IQ Option, on the other hand, handles
over 15 million users

with a monthly trading activity of more than $290 million.

As a result, these brokerage firms lead the Binary Options and Forex markets.

Analysis of trading platforms: IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade

Previously, we discussed the trading and facilities of binary options firms. And you are well aware that Olymp Trade is a
genuine rival of IQ Option. Despite their similarities, they have distinct business policies and perks. Now we will assist you in differentiating and selecting the best alternative among them. In this section, we thoroughly
evaluate both systems
with each and every analysis so that you are not perplexed, irrespective of you being a rookie trader on these sites.

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Many individuals are perplexed about which one is the greatest. However, the assessment below will greatly assist you in determining which is the superior option before enrolling in it. Let us get started with a
point-wise in-depth study analysis.

Ease of access

Clients and investors can have access to both marketplaces via
various online apps.
They can be accessed easily on both desktop OS (Windows and macOS) and also smartphone apps (Android and iOS).

iq option mobile app

In addition, Olymp Trade provides the renowned trading system
MetaTrader 4
for currency trading, which is unavailable with IQ Option.

IQ Option and Olymp trade charting

According to our observations,
IQ Option has a more sophisticated trading platform.
There are greater chances to evaluate the charts and employ technical tactics. Additional signals and analytical tools are available. Furthermore, the chart can be customized
more thoroughly than that on Olymp Trade.

iq option bollinger bands

This isn’t to say that you cannot operate effectively with
Olymp Trade;
both platforms provide the necessary instruments for investing.

Charting software:

  • Signals
  • Tools for drawing
  • Varieties of charts
  • Patterns for Multiple Charts
  • Platforms that are adjustable

Return on invested capital

Olymp Trade offers profits ranging between
70% to 92 percent
based on the investment products or assets used. This also relies on the kind of account and the stability of the accounts. The investment gains on IQ Option vary
between 75% to 100%.

Olymp Trade technical analysis

The account types and variability are also taken into consideration here. Overall, due to the high return,
you may make more profit with IQ Option.
A further significant distinction is that you can make a 100 percent return on IQ Option without having a VIP account. You must have the Olymp Trade VIP account to gain 92 percent.

Account options that they provide

There are
several sorts of accounts available.
Olymp Trade has three distinct account kinds, whereas IQ Option has 2 distinct account types. The account level is determined by the amount deposited and traded.

To create a basic account with both brokerages, the trader must invest a minimum of $10 into the account. VIP account, on the other hand, requires a
payment of $2,000 for Olymp Trade and $3,000 using IQ Option.

The Premium account provides several additional perks to the account user. Earlier, it provided greater yield alternatives and a personalized advisor program. The risk-free transactions on the Olymp Trade website are covered by the
VIP account.

iq option vip account

Quicker transfers, a private account advisor, and free trade digital books are all
features of the IQ Option’s VIP account.
On their platforms, both IQ Option and Olymp Trade provide a demo account. This account has a digital money balance of $10,000.

Offered financial assets

Olymp Trade’s platform supports
over 80 types of assets

or investment products. FX, binary options, commodities, cryptos, equities, and commodity markets are all available.

IQ Option also offers over
500 investment products or assets
. Binary Options, FX, Futures, Derivatives, commodity markets, cryptos, and indexes are all covered.

iq option assets

The trading assets are determined by the time of day and the opening of the stock market.
IQ Option provides significantly more trading alternatives.
You can trade in a wider range of markets than it is with Olymp Trade. In this analysis, IQ Option obviously dominates.

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Payment options approved

Olymp Trade
currently accepts
just 9 funding options. They take VISA or MasterCard cards, as well as debit and credit cards, Neteller and Webmoney, as well as several other online wallet payment options.

Olymp Trade payment methods

However, IQ Option allows over 20 different payment options for safe deposits and withdrawals. IQ Option allows all of the
payment ways that Olymp Trade

We are unable to provide all funding options since they vary based on your nation of residency. European users, for instance, can utilize
PayPal with IQ Option.

Finally, IQ Option tops this analysis since the broker provides more funding options.

Withdrawals and deposits

Olymp Trade & IQ Option
is both a quick and simple trading platform. If you trade using credit/debit (bank) cards or an e-wallet, the payment will be completed, mainly during specific minutes. Olymp Trade also offers a
deposit incentive to its clients.
Throughout the deposit procedure, the consumer has the option to refuse the incentive. The account requires a minimum deposit of USD10.

You can make withdrawals from the account with the
same process that you just used to make a deposit.
There will be no withdrawal costs or charges on either platform. In addition, the withdrawal limit value for an account is USD10.

All transfers are processed between
24 hours to 5 working days. However, VIP account holders will benefit from faster withdrawal procedures on both trading systems.

Customer support review

Both Olymp Trade and IQ Option provide a
client-friendly and knowledgeable support crew.
They are really skilled and possess knowledge about investing on these sites. If the investor or anybody else requires assistance, they may simply interact with them by chat, telephone conversation, or mail.

iq option vip account support

At the moment, they can also be contacted through other social media channels such as Facebook.

Conclusion – IQ Option vs Olymp Trade: IQ Option comes out on top

Both IQ Option and
Olymp Trade are binary options and FX trading platforms
. These 2 brokerages are the finest investing options. Any investor can begin options trading with an initial investment of
This is a great opportunity with a small commitment to long-term investing. Superior qualities with a bigger return are available to options traders through the brokerage firm IQ Option.

So, IQ Option vs. Olymp Trade – Which one is better?

Due to the sheer higher yield and a greater selection of instruments and analytical tools, IQ Option is the superior system for us. In addition, when
contrasted to other brokerage firms, the trading system is the finest. It is a highly user-friendly broker that provides you with all of the resources you need to trade successfully.

iq option vip account support

Why is
IQ Option superior to Olymp Trade?

  • Increased profits
  • More resources are now available for trading.
  • Additional financial tools
  • improved trading system

Binary Options Forex Trading Websites Minimum 10 Deposit


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