Best Private Banks for Forex Trading

FOREX trading can be a highly profitable business, especially when you know the right strategies and stay focused on what you are going to achieve. However,  FOREX trading accounts opening can be a challenge. While your application may seem an easy task because you can file it remotely, it is much more than filling out a form.

You will need to make the right choice of the broker according to your profile and expectations, study the requirements, and thoroughly prepare the application portfolio.

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This article is a result of desk research, discussions, and feedback from top-rated brokers. For updates, customized recommendations, and services of our experts in setting up FOREX trading accounts for your personal or corporate goals, please contact us at the e-mail address given above.

How to prepare for opening a FOREX trading account? Expert advice

Financial institutions have recently faced several trends:

  • Regulations and control are becoming more stringent on the KYC and CDD front.
  • Financial institutions failing to meet the compliance requirements are subject to huge fines, license withdrawal, and reputational risks.
  • Digitization,  automation of alerting and screening is the new norm for all financial institutions.
  • Countries’ participation in the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) combating tax evasion and capital flight to tax havens and offshore providers is building up.
  • The global scope of Common Reporting Standard (CRS) for the Automatic Exchange Of Information (AEOI) between tax authorities is growing.

As the general requirements set by financial institutions for clients get stricter, many applicants rely on professional help with the preparation and submission of documents. This also applies to FOREX traders.

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The key to your success is the right choice of broker and the right preparation of application documents. Please book a FREE private consultation with our experts for a detailed discussion of how to open a FOREX trading account that will meet your needs:

You are also welcome to rely on our fee-based services – to make sure your application portfolio is complete, correct, and presents you as a responsible applicant.

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Where to open FOREX trading accounts? The top 10 options

We have analyzed and shortlisted the top 10 options to recommend you the most trustworthy brokers for opening FOREX trading accounts. All of them are licensed, provide services to international clients, operate in different parts of the world, and accept applications remotely.

Some FOREX brokers are so proficient that they conduct workshops, courses, programs for their clients, and award certificates. If you do not need a full-time program, you can choose from elementary to advanced levels and subscribe to online modules.

FOREX trading accounts with a British broker

We recommend a British institution with offices all over the world, offering access to more than a hundred markets and a variety of trading platforms, including FOREX.

Both individuals and legal entities can open FOREX trading accounts with this broker remotely.

The minimum fee for opening a brokerage account of a legal entity is $10,000 or an equivalent in another currency.

The company offers additional services. In particular, it provides data on the markets that you are interested in.

A FOREX broker in Mauritius

If you are entering the FOREX market with serious long-term intentions, you should consider opening an account in Mauritius.

Your status as a professional trader and wider trading opportunities will open up if the portfolio (cash deposits together with financial instruments) exceeds €500,000.

You can open an account remotely and get access to a multi-platform service.

You will be able to deal with all popular asset classes, including those in the foreign exchange market.

The broker has established strong partnerships with the most reliable and largest financial institutions all over the world, which is a guarantee of your assets’ security.

Australian FX accounts

This is one of the most popular major Australian brokers.

Its strengths include a high-speed platform, training, live customer support, and high liquidity. The broker acts as a link between institutional and retail clients.

Other benefits include the tight spread, leverage up to 1:500, high liquidity for day traders, and many more.

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It is possible to trade online and in a mobile application.

You can open an account remotely.

The best broker in Denmark

Over 40,000 instruments, advanced software, a well-known brand, and a reliable financial system make the bank in Denmark the best place for advanced currency trade.

This financial institution offers traders three levels of commission depending on the activity in the account. The higher the activity, the lower the price for each transaction!

You can open an account remotely. High liquidity is guaranteed, as well as detailed statistics, and very tight control over the deals and prices.

The number one Swiss choice

The recommended Swiss broker has branches all over Switzerland, as well as Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. This financial institution features the best possible mix of the creativity of a financial startup and the classic Swiss reliability.

FOREX trading accounts can be opened remotely. There are 4 access levels with different spreads. In all cases, no transaction fees are charged. The minimum deposit starts from  $1,000.

You can choose a convenient and familiar FX trading platform. The bank’s clients manage assets worth CHF 30.5 billion.

A Forex account with a Swiss banking group

Are you interested in FOREX trading, deposits protection of up to CHF100,000, and the opportunity to open your FOREX trading account remotely? You should consider the Swiss banking group.

With the leverage up to 1:200, you can enjoy the opportunity to trade foreign currency and other assets. The 100% Welcome bonus is a nice courtesy to new clients.

It is a regulated Swiss institution with the most high-profile reputation and extensive experience.

The commission depends on the deposit.

This financial institution is particularly advantageous for major clients.

FOREX trading accounts with an investment dealer and broker in Mauritius

The distinctive advantages of this institution in Mauritius include the extended hours for transactions, convenient multi-currency solutions, and the outstanding quality of service. The recommended value of the portfolio begins from $500,000.

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Nice feature: the support is available in several languages.

The platform offers access to different types of assets, including FOREX.

The maintenance fee is collected quarterly.

Open a Forex account in a Vanuatu bank

This bank in Vanuatu also offers to open bank accounts remotely to trade foreign currencies and other asset classes.

By opening an account with this bank, you will get access to thousands of instruments.

The bank ensures steady operation and cooperates with major clients.

Opening an FX account with a bank in Puerto Rico

The minimum deposit is $2,500.

The banks of Puerto Rico are part of the U.S. banking system. For some clients, it may be a limitation, while for others – a benefit.

The bank offers modern banking solutions for faster and more secure trades.

For large traders with a turnover of more than $1,000,000 dollars per month, individual terms (commissions) are offered.

Private bank accounts for FOREX trades in the Cook Islands

Thanks to the bank in the Cook Islands, you have access to 30  exchanges around the world. Through one account, you can access trading platforms for different assets.

Opening FOREX trading accounts is not more difficult than setting up a conventional bank account.

However, you will need to pay only for operations – the bank does not provide consulting or training.

Which FOREX trading platform should be given preference?

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Each platform or broker has its advantages and weaknesses. How can you make the best choice to meet your needs and expectations? You are welcome to refer your questions to our experts for sound professional advice and assistance in opening the right accounts with the most favorable broker.

We can help you with opening both personal and corporate brokerage accounts.

Our contact details are given at the top of this page.

Best Private Banks for Forex Trading


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