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Traders to follow on Instagram

is the most popular source of visual inspiration to
forex traders. Successful traders display their extravagant lifestyles and many beginners are motivated to achieve the same “fame and fortune”.

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👤 Austin Netzley Tips and Insights
👤 Sam Seiden Financial Market Skills and Strategies
👤 Walter Peters Financial Market Skills and Strategies
👤 Jabulani Ngcobo Charts, Signals and Trading Setups
📝 AstroForex Trading Education and Advice
📝 Millionaire_Mentor Inspirational Quotes
📝 Trade4Wealth Trading Tips
👤 Gustine Samuel Live Trading Sessions
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10 Best Forex Traders and Accounts to Follow on Instagram – A Quick Overview.

  1. ✅ Samuel Leach
  2. ✅ Austin Netzley
  3. ✅ Sam Seiden
  4. Walter Peters
  5. Jabulani Ngcobo
  6. @astroForex
  7. @millionaire_mentor
  8. Trade4Wealth
  9. Gustine Samuel
  10. Everything_fx

In over just 9 years since its start,
has become a wildly popular photo-sharing app and social network and rivals
in terms of numbers of users, reaching billions and counting. So, what makes
a runaway hit across the globe? Well, there are a lot of reasons, actually, which will get into a little later on but one thing is for sure – it is a huge hit amongst millennials and Gen Z users who love to take photos and follow just about everything.

The trend is so contagious, that even users from the “old school” generation are getting involved!

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For any
in any field, it is always a good idea to learn from more experienced players in the game, regardless of which domain they may belong to. And,
is no different.
can learn a tried and trusted trick or two, hone their skills at analyzing the market, and much more by following the right people on social media.

Here is an overview of the
10 Best Forex Traders and Accounts to follow on Instagram.

Samual Leach Top Instagram

Samuel Leach


Samuel Leach
graduated from University, he joined one of the United Kingdom’s leading independent private banks and founded
Samuel and Co. Trading
in 2012, which has become an
international CPD accredited
company. Samuel is a well-known
Forex trader
and a social media influencer, with an Instagram social media following which is currently standing at 300k+ followers.

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Samuel Leach
is also a contributor to
where he frequently posts about stocks on his watch and why he thinks certain stocks should be on a
watchlist. Samuel has been featured in City AM, Reuters, Forbes, and many other well-known publications.

Samual Leach Full Instagram

Austin Netzley Top Instagram

Austin Netzley


At only 27,
Austin Netzley
created an automated
stock trading
system that built him a fortune. The system was created enabling him to
while keeping his 9 to 5 job and efficiently building wealth. Austin Netzley wrote a best-selling book, Make Money, Live Wealthy and he continues to share his tips and insights on the
forex market
through podcasts and a blog called YoPro Wealth.

Austin Netzley Full Instagram

Sam Seiden Top Instagram

Sam Seiden


Sam Seiden
specializes in price action trading by making use of supply and demand analysis. He first found fame when he explained his approach to trading in, which he has explained very well through many articles written for the site. Through his
social media, he creates and shares content in order to empower followers by sharing
financial market skills and strategies
that work.

Sam Seiden Full Instagram

Walter Peters Top Instagram

Walter Peters


Walter Peters
is a popular
currency trader
who has been featured in
The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance, and
to name but a few.  He previously focussed on share trading, but now works with a smaller community of traders at Naked Forex Now, a private online trading community. Walter is also a psychology professor, has worked as a
hedge fund trader
and best-selling author.

Walter Peters Full Instagram

Jabulani Ngcobo Top Instagram

Jabulani Ngcobo


Jabulani Ngcobo
tends to openly flaunt how much he has been able to profit from
forex trading
and with more than 200,000 followers,
is a very popular account.
uses this account for his personal branding, blended with charts, signals, and trading setups, to share notifications of seminars and conferences.

Jabulani Ngcobo Full Instagram

AstroFX Top Instagram


is an account that is run by two British forex traders, who have both had great success in Forex. On this platform, they offer forex trading education and advice for would-be traders to make the most of the markets.

AstroFX Full Instagram

Millionare Mentor Top Instagram


With images depicting wealth and luxury,
is an
with massive visual appeal for
beginner traders.  Instagram posts are inspirational and keep followers wanting more.

Millionare Mentor Full Instagram

Trade4Wealth Top Instagram



who follow
trade4wealth can expect striking images and a host of top trading tips and with over 23,000 followers the account is clearly very popular – and worth keeping an eye on.

Trade4Wealth Full Instagram

Gustine Samuel Top Instagram

Gustine Samuel


Gustine Samuel
regularly posts images from his
live trading sessions
on his
account alongside links to his website. Apart from
Forex, he also follows
cryptocurrency trading.

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Gustine Samuel Full Instagram

everything fx top instagram



who are looking for an account that covers
broad Forex information
in an easy-to-understand way –
is as good for beginners as it is for professional
traders. Followers will enjoy regular posts with images of important articles and news releases.

everything fx full instagram

The popularity of Instagram – Overview

User-friendly Installation

Instagram was initially created for use by iPhone users, but almost immediately spread to other mobile formats. These days, Instagram is easy to download and install, whichever mobile platform a user makes use of and whether a trader an iOS or Android user, they can simply go the App Store or Play Store, download, set up their account, choose a username and upload a profile pic.

Photo Sharing and Manipulation

Taking photos can easily be done in the app or through a phone’s camera, give the photo a title, and make it more engaging and fun. Photos are public by default, but users can also set them to private and other people will have to request permission first before they follow. Photo “filters” are also one of the main drivers of Instagram’s popularity and Instagram is continuously tweaking its filter selection to adapt to its many active users. It is also compatible with many photo manipulation apps like Camera 360, Camera+, LabelBox and 100 Cameras, which expands the possibilities of photo manipulation even more.

Social Network

Instagram can be considered as one of the most popular social media networks available to the current generation, primarily created for the purpose of having friends or so-called followers. Instagram allows users to be “followed” or for them to “follow” other people or in this case the
10 Best Forex Traders and Accounts. When a
follows an
Instagram trader, their photos are regularly appearing in their stream.
can also like photos and comment on them, making it a friendly and laid-back social community.

Great Business Channel

Another contributor to Instagram’s growing popularity is its use in the business world. In this case, Forex Traders realize the importance of having a large following from both established customers and new ones and an article by Chris Tweten (Market Strategist by Trade) on his website emphasizes the use of Instagram bots as one of the most effective tools that can contribute to a traders’ brand growth.

The bots are an Instagram automation feature that gives its users an idea of the preference of the followers of their business allowing for many likes, followings and views. These analytics and statistical data can help social traders focus on more options to target more audiences and help innovate their approach to marketing and branding. Reports and statistics that are visually presented and easy to understand.  With so much hype among users when it comes to Instagram, it’s no wonder its popularity is still growing under traders.

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Overall, following the
10 Best Forex Instagram accounts
is a powerful move to make.

Inspiration can many times play a very big role in keeping a trader motivated in those losing times, and having a list of “insta-traders” to keep a traders’ eye on the prize is most times very valuable.

Avatrade – #1 JSE Trading Platform

Avatrade – #1 JSE Trading Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you trust forex traders on Instagram?

Yes, you can trust Forex Traders on Instagram and there are legitimate forex traders on Instagram. However,  there are also scam artists. Those who share their tip openly are usually legitimate traders.

Why is Instagram so popular even for forex brokers?

Instagram is popular because of:

  • Easy and User-friendly installation.
  • Easy photo sharing and manipulation.
  • Friendly and laid-back social interaction between traders and the community.

What are the rules of Forex Trading?

According to Warren Buffet, who is considered as one of the best investors in the world –

Rule 1:  Never lose money / Rule 2: Remember rule 1

Can you make a living out of Forex trading?

Yes, it is possible, but it is not easy to make consistent profits, be prepared to lose more than you win.

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