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Finding a website that is tailored for beginners can be difficult.

Babypips might be just the right website for you!

In this review, we talk about babypips and review it as a trading resource for forex trading for beginners.

Is it worth your time or not?

We’ll also help you decide by reviewing some of its core features and benefits so read on before making any decisions!

Let’s check it out:

What is

Babypips is an educational website that offers trading ideas and tips.

In fact:

It’s aimed at beginners, but it can be used for any level of trader.

The site provides a range of features including currency charts, forex news, country profiles, and more to help traders grow their knowledge base.

In addition, babypips has a forum where you can ask for trading advice and collaborate with others on ideas.

You can also learn more about forex in general by reading their blog posts or checking out the fact sheets they offer.

The site is updated daily, so there’s always new content to read!

Why babypips might be a good choice for beginners

The writers behind the content on Babypips are excellent at making how to learn forex trading fun.

So if you like the odd joke, the majority of them are cheesy jokes, at the expense of the markets.

Then this could be a great platform for you to grasp the concepts of trading.

They also provide a broad wealth of information on forex trading.

So they do go through virtually everything you could consider is vital to becoming a trader.

Also, let’s face it:

If the content is funny and exciting you are going to stick around a lot longer than reading a dull, unengaging, lesson.


That will never keep you in the forex world long enough.

What is also great is that they don’t over-hype forex trading.

Very level-headed lessons that will help you equally set realistic expectations on the markets.

Finally, you have probably heard about babypips forex courses because you were recommended by someone in the trading community to start there.

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So it’s almost a right of passage in today’s trading education to visit the website.

So to summarize:

  • Funny, engaging, and interesting lessons
  • Provides a wealth of trading understanding around the most popular forex trading terms
  • Doesn’t over-hype forex trading

Why babypips isn’t that great if you know your ABCs for forex trading

If you’ve been around the block once or twice in the forex education scene, then you’ll appreciate how simplistic babypips really is.

You’ll see that it truly is targeting beginners as the level of information, albeit great, it’s not quite deep enough for traders to take to the next level.

Which is to take action with it in the markets.

The best way we can describe is that it’s an excellent glossary of forex trading terms.

Which is a great reference point for all traders to review from time to time.

This isn’t a bad thing, though.

Once again, if they have turned what can be a dull subject about economics and trading into something interesting and exciting – they have done a wonderful job.

The issue is with so many recommendations given out as a starting point to learn to trade.

Beginners get into their heads that babypips forex course is all they need.

This is true if all you want to do is talk about forex in theory.

However, if you want to do something about the time you invested into learning about forex trading – then you have to discover more.

So to summarize:

  • Education doesn’t go deep enough to take action in the real forex markets.
  • You will need more knowledge of the markets to succeed, thus leaving a massive gap in your trading knowledge.

Core benefits that Babypips brings to beginners

The Babypips Course

Babypips course provides a solid foundation for understanding the core meanings behind the forex markets.

It is this section of their website that beginners come to first.

It’s nicely presented and structured to take you from the absolute basics to creating a trading plan.

You will certainly learn a lot from their course, that is for sure.

Especially with the interactive quizzes to solidify the lessons learned.

From our experience chatting with our customers and visitors, babypips is a great starting tool – but there is always more to learn.

Babypips review for forex trading

As you can see from the structure of the course there are a lot of lessons in each section, with a total of 11 sections for you to sink your teeth in.

The Babypips Forum

Babypips forum is a community-driven resource with an abundance of helpful traders to nudge you in the right direction.

The forum is a great way to go in and take part of the conversations.

It’s not like other forums, where you post an inquiry and then wait for someone else to respond days later.

Babypips has plenty of people ready to answer your questions right away!

In fact, it can be overwhelming at times with so many traders out there willing to give you their two cents on the matter.

Babypips review for forum

There are plenty of different topics you can read about in the Babypips forum – something to certainly check out.

Market Milk by Babypips

Market milk by babypips helps you gather market data easily.

All you need to do is enter the symbol and timeframe, click run search, and voila!

It will give you a list of all data attributed to that currency pair.

It’s a great way to see the moves and trends on your favorite symbol, especially if you have been trading it in real-time or are developing strategies on babypips forex course.

Market Milk babypips

What Market Milk also provides is a currency strength meter which is super helpful to use when you know how to trade the markets.

Is the best in the business? Do we recommend them?

There is a reason why has been on the Internet for as long as records began.

Because it provides a great and enjoyable platform for complete novices to dip their toes into what is forex trading and how it works.

They break down a complex and dull subject.

Then inject humour and explanations that even 5-year-olds can comprehend.

So good job,


As touched on earlier, babypips alone will not get you to be able to trade profitably in the markets.

With babypips being more of a glossary vs. actionable course, this is the gap that we find many forex traders find themselves between.

This is why many beginners find our free forex course.

It’s like they prepare the traders for all the buzz words and lingo, and we enhance that education with what to actually do with this knowledge.

A famous misrepresented quote we all hear about is this:

Knowledge is power.

It’s not.

Knowledge is only power when you take action.

Action is power.

The question is, after reading this babypips review – will you take action?

Final thoughts

Overall, we believe that babypips is certainly a brilliant starting point for every forex trader.

With the free course and community behind it, it is a great asset to learn from and absorb helpful tips.

With that being said:

You will need to learn more on top of what is given to you from the website.

Most traders end up back in Google searching for more info on the subjects to actually implement them in today’s markets.

So if you are a complete beginner and have zero ideas of WTF forex trading is, and want to learn the basics in a fun way – then go ahead, get cracking on the website and enjoy the start of your trading journey!

If you are someone who’s been trading and still looking for answers, Babypips might not be for you.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where or how you learned to trade forex profitably.

All that matters is that you do trade profitably.

Good luck!

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