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Please don’t waste your time and money

Please don’t waste your time and money. They are here to generate money, they are not helping anybody!! Mff and FTMO much better, TRUST ME on this. Max trailing drawdown my a**. Hidden rules to hinder your progress.

I recently passed the audition and so…

I recently passed the audition and so far the experience has been positive, SurgeTrader is pretty fast in setting up funded account compared other competitors in the market, no minimum days to pass the challenge is very helpful so you take advantage of opportunities in the market.

SurgeTrader is a breath of fresh air

SurgeTrader is a breath of fresh air, you only need to pass one audition, (there’s no 2 stage trial), they have very simple and easy rules to follow, and a super easy dash board to follow your progress. Even if you do slip up with a minor account breach they don’t close your account. With this I have successfully passed the audition stage today (in 3 days), and have already received confirmation of my funded account. 5 star experience all round! thank you SurgeTrader

Among the countless scammers in the…

Among the countless scammers in the vast world of different brokers, I finally met a decent one: SurgeTrader.

Every second of the audition, I asked myself the question I had developed over the years: What’s the catch?
But there was no catch. And I’m waiting for my real account to be funded.
Perhaps this is a premature withdrawal.

A very challenging FTMO challenge which…

A very challenging FTMO challenge which is rewarding and I’m fortunate to complete. SurgeTrader has an easy to use dashboard which tracks daily progress and has excellent ongoing support chat function.

My experience with surge traders in…

My experience with surge traders in audtion demo account is great. I learn lot in last 20 days. I passed my test in 20 days . Thanks.never negative 25000 equity.

Great Experience

Great – the goal is to be funded and see the profits of your work. There are no educational required monthly fees nor a bunch of hoops and stat requirements to meet to get funded. Trade your way and finally see results. I was funded at another firm and the on-going requirements to move up was restrictive and clearly the firm’s goal was to collect the monthly fee. It’s exciting to move forward with Surge Trader and actually see the profits of your hard work.

Unfair rule. Negative Prop Frim

Although they provide $100K account. They lose nothing but for trader is loss(I pay money they do nothing). When you less than $100K, they will close the accout. This firm is always win. Second, they are not refundable. It’s unfair rules. Don’t be work for this firm!

Reply from SurgeTrader

River, we were unable to find an account that matches your name in our system. We appreciate your feedback and consider all feedback a gift. Please reach out to our support team if there is a way to find an agreeable solution.

In response to your review…

We go above and beyond to make sure the trading rules are accessible to our traders. The trading rules are readily available on our website, in your trader portal and plainly stated in your welcome documentation. In addition, our support team is available to answer any and all questions you might have.

Your claim that we lose nothing is categorically untrue. Unlike our competitors, we actually fund accounts with real money, standing side-by-side financially with our traders. As such, we have millions of dollars of capital at risk every single day. Sometimes, our funded traders lose money. We cover those losses in full and accept that it’s part of doing business and supporting the trader community.

Lastly, we never arbitrarily close an account. Accounts are only disqualified if they breach the only two rules we have: the daily loss limit and the maximum drawdown. Again, we couldn’t find an account that matches your name, but we assume that you had a string of bad trades that caused your account to meet the drawdown threshold. It happens and it can be discouraging, we get it. We truly hope that you find success wherever that might be.

Try until you Die

I had a bad a experience at first and each time I re audition I learned about myself and how I can take advantage of this unique opportunity. Cameron has been supportive in my endeavor. Now Im ready to shine. Thanks for the opportunity

4 Days Funded

Coming from another trading prop firm, where I’ve been funded 10+ times (profitably), trading with a given set of rules that must always be obeyed was never an issue. It’s part of the business. However, the frustration lies in some of the passing criteria that really doesn’t have anything to do with your trading skills/assets. These guys at SurgeTrading get it right in my opinion. Their rules are basic bottom line principals – can you be profitable before going bust! That tells you everything you need to know about a trader. Having said all that, my audition was successful (4 days) and more importantly very relaxed!

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Now, onto the funded account for a profitable relationship. Thanks guys!

Just started the audition process with…

Just started the audition process with Surge Trader and have had a great experience so far. Cameron has been very responsive with questions and more than able to assist when I needed help.


It all started out so well, I was attracted to this firm because of their no time limit single phase audition. Passed the $50k audition on my first try, Two weeks later I managed to make 3.5% on my live account. Unfortunately I went into Drawdown losing that 3.5% of profit and went 1.5% below my initial balance and the account was taken away from me. This is an awful business model as even though I made 3.5% profit on the account they claim it as their risk which means that you can’t lose that profit. As traders it is impossible to not lose profit, What’s even more ridiculous is that I was only 1.5% below my initial balance. Awful experience I wish I could give them 0 stars. Now a month later I’ve joined with a much better prop firm, A firm that actually provides adequate trading conditions and support ; My Forex Funds, DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT Sign up with SurgeTrader, They will pull this same bs on you. My Forex Funds is far superior than this dodgy underdog firm. The only way SurgeTrader can attract clients is by giving them no time limit with 1 phase, NOT A REAL FIRM Their business model is there for them to benefit, For some reason my profit is now counted as their risk, Biggest rubbish I’ve ever seen and what’s worse is that they don’t refund you after passing, GO TO MY FOREX FUNDS WHERE THEY CARE ABOUT THE TRADER and actually reward you for doing well, If you pass they refund you 112% of the sign up fee as well as bonuses from both phases, SurgeTrader is absolute garbage and I sincerely hope they crumble. Not to mention the garbage price feed they use, Displaying fake price data with 100 pip gaps that don’t exist anywhere else. My biggest mistake was signing up with this firm, Absolutely atrocious they don’t have the traders best interest at heart, Not to mention their absurd prices, So again sign up with My Forex Funds, A REAL PROP FIRM

Reply from SurgeTrader

Ryan, thanks for the feedback. We go above and beyond to ensure that trading rules are clearly defined and accessible to our traders — including posting them in our FAQs, the welcome email you receive upon signing up and in your trader dashboard. In fact, the amount that your account can draw down is visible, front-and-center on your trader dashboard and updates in real-time. Quite simply, you failed our audition by experiencing a maximum trailing drawdown of 5% — one of only two ways you can breach an account with our simple, one-phase audition process.

As your account balance increases, the maximum trailing drawdown follows you up until you achieve a profit target of 5% in your account. Once you have achieved a 5% profit target in your account, your maximum trailing drawdown locks at your initial balance and is only a factor if you draw all the way back down to your starting balance. For example, if a trader grows a $100K account up to $150K, they could effectively draw down 33% all the way back to $100K.

We certainly understand your frustration that your performance did not go the way you’d planned, resulting in a breach of the account and not a withdrawal of profit. But your trading losses and breach of our maximum trailing drawdown rule were a function of your own trading and risk management. While it may be easy for you to question our trading account rules, SurgeTrader lost more money than you, as the 1.5% you lost on our capital far exceeded the money you put up to earn the right to trade it in the first place. We are not unhappy with this outcome and would not have posted a 1-star review of you as a trader, if such a forum existed. We know that becoming a great trader is a process and one that takes time and is often filled with setbacks and disappointment – no different than achieving greatness in any other profession. It’s never a straight line. That is why we welcome traders to continue to try again and again to earn the right to trade our capital. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were great traders. We stand ready to put up our capital to find and fund the next Warrant Buffet or George Soros.

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We regret that your experience with SurgeTrader did not end as you would have liked, but we wish you success and would, in fact, welcome you back should you wish to Audition again.

Just passed the 50K audition…

Just passed the 50K audition…. Wahooo. Now time to see how I make out in the real world making some money.

Trading was straight forward but definitely recommend you have some trading background. Risk Management is key to survival here as well as the real world.

When I had questions they were very prompt to answer. When I had suggestions they were also very willing to listen and respond.


(Based on only the audition process). Excellent customer support.

Meta5 trading platform was really good once I got use to it.

The rules they put in place are almost background noise. They have an excellent dashboard to be very transparent on your progress and about the only time you keep tab on the rules.

Cons- Really more of a wish list to be truthful.
As a person with a full time job I cannot day trade so I focus on swing trading of daily candles of stocks. Important for context on my wish list and would not apply to the day traders out there.

Swing trades often take up to two weeks to play out but you can only hold trades for a week max. So I find myself trading on Monday and Tuesday and hoping it will meet my profit targets by Friday. So this does limit my trading opportunities. In their defense the business model does seem focused on the day traders so I can understand why they have this “close trades on Friday rule”.

Be nice if they could allow you to hold swing trades on stocks for at least 10 trading days ie two weeks verses one week. This may attract a lot more swing traders. Forex and Bitcoins can be volatile but the stocks they do have (PRO-GOOD SELECTION) are pretty stable stocks that should handle “noise” from the weekend.

Again more of a wish item so I can have more opportunities to trade under my style of trading. But even with that weekly rule I still managed to make it work and passed the audition. So even if you are a swing trader Surge Trader can work for you to make some profits. (Note- I did pass on this feedback in the past and they said they would discuss it for future modifications, so maybe down the road once they get really established they may make some adjustments here)

Conclusion- Was I skeptical when I started….Yep… That is why I paid the 400$ for the 50K account trial. It would not break my bank account. But now I have no regrets. I have not experienced anything “Sly” or “Hidden rules”. Trading here was no different than trading on my normal live account.

If you are also into paper trading and have a couple of hundred dollars, the 25k or 50K account would be a good one to consider. Back when I paper traded I was allways willing to “Fudge” my trades because I could. I was not doing myself any favors.

But as I was going through this audition I thought about those days in the past. It would have been really useful to develop my skills at the time. It would not have broken my bank account but yet give me some skin in the game and rules to keep me from fudging.

With a low fee for audition but yet some skin in the game with a potential reward at the end this is the perfect learning ground for the paper trader. For $250(25K account) to $400(50K account) is a good investment in yourself by putting you in an environment where you can grow but failure will not break your bank account. SurgeTraders setup will allow you to grow and hone your skills much more efficiently than paper trading by giving you some structure that you may not have by leaving it in your own hands.

So far to date, no major complaints and a good group to work with. My skepticism has been erased and even if I had failed my audition (Which I came really close) It would have been on me and my trade decisions. No major signs of manipulation or hidden rules came into play.

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If there was any major manipulation they could have played it when I came close to wiping out my account. It came that close had they pushed it the extra little bit it would not even stand out to being manipulated. So the opportunity was there at one point and if it was going to happen that would have been the time.

Overall for what I paid for the audition I have no regrets and was a really good experience. The honey on top was I passed and can now go for the funded account. While I though that I was a decent trader I was surprised that this experience still helped me grow and become a little better. So for me that was money well spent. Hopefully these guys will be around for a while.

The SurgeTrader program is good BUT

The SurgeTrader program is a good program but it is getting a 1 star review because of who they have partnered with, BKForex. I followed their signals, advice, and education and the signals started me off the bat with loss after loss. This threw my entire trading experience out the window because it placed me behind the power curve out of the gates. I messaged SurgeTrader about this and received no response. I only trade what I can afford and have learned to basically trade off of my knowledge and not BKForex. Consider yourself warned.

Reply from SurgeTrader

JJ, thanks for your feedback and thank you for the praise of our funded trader program. By and large, our traders report a wholly positive experience with BKForex, and we regret that you had a different experience. If you’ve been around trading for any period, you’ve undoubtedly seen Boris Schlossberg and Kathy Lien as market analysts on CNBC, Bloomberg and other financial news programs over the past 15 years.

As you know, trading involves risk, and no market analyst is right all the time. Sometimes, even a great analyst is outright wrong. Trading requires Careful consideration of market analysis, trade ideas and commentary from a variety of sources and then executing a trading strategy on that information. As a prop firm, we welcome all strategies and approaches to trading and elect to work with BKForex to help inform our traders and provide free access to market analysis from industry veterans. However, each trader must choose for themselves the strategy they wish to deploy and take responsibility for those trading decisions.

While it is unfortunate the trade ideas you followed did not work out, it seems your issue was not with our program, our rules or our technology, which thousands of traders from around the world enjoy daily and use to access our institutional capital. We hope you’ll consider working with us again once you’ve refined your approach to the market and trading strategy.

Scaling in

Platforms nice, so far so good . Wish they would allow you to scale in and scale out of a trade.

This by far is great experience

This by far is great experience, for any trader who believes in themselves I highly recommend joining Surge. Everything I was hoping they offer, clearly exceeded my expectations. They are who they say they are, and I’m just so grateful to have found them!!!!

Surge Trader is the best prop firm…

Surge Trader is the best prop firm currently out there. Here is why: 1. The Trailing DD is good for the risk management and the trail will only occur once the position is closed – this is huge 2. Only a 1 step evaluation 3. Super good dashboard and support 4. Very affordable challenges. I will get funded and I will update my write-up once I get paid real money.

Excellent Company and Experience

So far, this has been the best Proprietary Trading Company I’ve ever worked with. They are very quick to respond if you have any questions. There is a live agent that’s very knowledgable and able to explain things efficiently. As far as the process to get funded, it’s very straightforward and there are no loopholes. I traded by following their rules and passed the audition for the 100K account. Literally the day I passed, I received my login credentials for the Live Account that same day! I’ve been very impressed with this company and I can give it nothing less than 5 stars. I plan on making my first withdrawal soon. I’m truly happy to be apart of this wonderful company.

Leaving Forex Trades Open Over Weekend

Source: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.surgetrader.com

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