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In this in-depth guide, we’ll break down our nine top technical analysis software and tools for use in 2022. We chose our top picks based on different criteria, such as effectiveness, use of indicators, reviews from users, and more. We’ll also explore how trading software of this nature can help you improve your trading strategy, whether or not you should use technical analysis software, how to find the best software, different trading platforms that are compatible with technical analysis tools, and much more. Let’s start by looking at how trading software can help you improve your profits as a trader.

How Trading Technical Analysis Software Helps

Technical analysis software is used to download and convert financial market data as well as show historical price movements. We’ll utilize stock market data in this example:


The program obtains stock prices from an exchange data source, which is normally subject to an exchange charge.


It is also possible to download the quantity (volume) of stocks acquired and sold at any given price.


The main data for producing a stock chart is the time of the purchase or sale of a stock, the volume of the stock, and the stock price. The price and volume are plotted on a chart using mathematical computations.


The chart has three axes: time on the X-axis, price on the Y-axis, and volume in the form of bars across the bottom.

But what data is needed to really take advantage of technical analysis software? The following information is necessary to construct a stock chart:

The price of a stock at each time segment, including daily, hourly, second, and each real-time tick. This information is known as the Open, Last, and Close.

The offers to purchase and sell a stock, which is known as the bid and ask spread and quotes.

The number of stocks acquired or sold at any particular moment and price, which is referred to as volume.

It’s worth mentioning that pure technical analysis just requires price and volume data over time in order to see a stock’s supply and demand in a chart. Technical analysis software, on the other hand, allows the user to choose indicators based on price and volume to aid in stock price prediction in the future.

Top 9 Stock Analysis Software Providers

These nine useful resources for statistical and chart analysis and professional trading are excellent choices for any level of trader. Our top picks include the following:


Stock Rover – Best Overall Stock Analysis Software


MetaStock – Runner-Up Best Stock Analysis Software


TC2000 – Best Free Stock Analysis Software


TradingView – Best Stock Analysis Software for Technical Analysis


TrendSpider – Best Stock Analysis Software for Charting Capabilities

6 – Best Stock Analysis Software for Screeners


NinjaTrader – Best Stock Analysis Software for Automation


Bloomberg – Best Stock Analysis Software for Real-Time Data


Scanz – Best Stock Analysis Software for Day Trading

Stock Rover – Best Overall Stock Analysis Software

Stock Rover Platform

Stock Rover Platform

How Does Stock Rover Help?

Almost every major broker, including Fidelity and Firstrade, is integrated with StockRover. Although you won’t be able to trade from the charts, it will handle profit and loss reporting as well as portfolio rebalancing suggestions. Long-term investors and those trying to maximize their portfolio income will benefit the most from this program.

Pros and Cons of Stock Rover

The pros of Stock Rover include the following:

Comparative analysis of the highest level.

Recommendations with data to back them up

There is no need to install anything.

PC, Mac, Smartphone, and Tablet versions are all available.

Real-time reports on certain stocks are incredible.

The cons of Stock Rover include the following:

More technical indicators would be beneficial.

Stock Rover Pricing Model

StockRover has a free version that is rather amazing. However, the premium + subscription unlocks the software’s true power. Furthermore, it is available for $27.99 each month, which is a reasonable price. There is no need to install the analyzing software on cellphones, Macs, PCs, or tablets.

MetaStock – Runner-Up Best Stock Analysis Software

MetaStock Platform

MetaStock Platform

How Does MetaStock Help?

The MetaStock product line includes all of the tools you’ll need to research stocks like an expert, including both technical and fundamental analysis. Fundamentals, real-time news from Reuters, and data, analytics, and opinion from industry professionals are all available on the MetaStock Xenith. Traders may use the Daily Charts for post-market research, while MetaStock can help real-time traders achieve their objectives. In addition, the Refinitiv DataLink for MetaStock contains historical data dating back to 1980.

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Pros and Cons of MetaStock

The pros of MetaStock include the following:

Scanning and analyzing tools that are powerful.

A broad range of customization options are available.

The user interface is simple to use.

You may use it to create indicators and trading strategies.

The cons of MetaStock include the following:

Some plans are more expensive than their competitors.

MetaStock Pricing Model

The program may be purchased as a one-time purchase or as a monthly or annual subscription. The cost of a monthly membership varies from $69 to $300. In addition, MetaStock provides a free 30-day trial.

TC2000 – Best Free Stock Analysis Software

TC2000 Platform

TC2000 Platform

How Does TC2000 Help?

In the United States and Canada, TC2000 provides stock analysis software for equities and mutual funds. Watchlists, charts, notifications, news, instant messaging, and sorting are all included in this program. A backtesting mechanism for historical data is included with the coverage of basic data. However, there are no automatic trading tools provided, and the assets and classes available are limited to ETFs, funds, and stocks.

Pros and Cons of TC2000

The pros of TC2000 include the following:

Scanning and charting technologies are powerful.

Has an interface that is simple to use.

Graphics that are detailed.

Beginners can use a virtual simulator to practice trading utilizing their techniques.

The cons of TC2000 include the following:

To avoid getting overwhelmed by the volume of data, filtering methods must be implemented.

TC2000 Pricing Model

TC2000 include three plans: The Silver plan at $9.99 per month, the Gold plan at $29.99 per month, and the Platinum plan at $89.98 per month. The Silver plan just includes customizable chart and trading layouts. The Gold and Platinum plans include a wider range of screeners, drawing tools, watchlists, workspace layouts, alert tracking, and more.

TradingView – Best Stock Analysis Software for Technical Analysis

TradingView Platform

TradingView Platform

How Does TradingView Help?

TradingView has comprehensive broker connections, so you can place trades using charts and not bother about analysis, profit reporting, or anything else because it’ll all be taken care of for you. Stock options trading, on the other hand, is not covered.

Pros and Cons of TradingView

The pros of TradingView include the following:

Development of a simple system.

It’s simple to use and suitable for beginners.

Data is exchanged in real time all around the world.

Screening of high-quality stocks

The cons of TradingView include the following:

There is no real-time news available.

TradingView Pricing Model

TradingView offers a very profitable free version. You may test their Pro membership for $14.95 if you want more charts and indicators. For $29.95 per month, the Pro+ package includes intraday technical analysis. The Premium plan costs $59.95 a month and includes the highest precision and data to capture all possible possibilities. TradingView’s premium subscriptions all come with a thirty-day free trial.

TrendSpider – Best Stock Analysis Software for Charting Capabilities

TrendSpider Platform

TrendSpider Platform

How Does TrendSpider Help?

The TrendSpider program is jam-packed with technical analysis features, making it ideal for anybody serious about market analysis who wants to get the job done right the first time. TrendSpider’s automatic trend lines, which elevate the software to a top package in the finance business, will please those who prioritize backtesting.

Pros and Cons of TrendSpider

The pros of TrendSpider include the following:

Multi-Timeframe Analysis that is done automatically.

Backtesting is simple to use.

Trend Line Detection is automated.

Data is exchanged in real-time.

ETFs, stocks, forex, futures, cryptocurrency, and indices are all examples of financial instruments.

The cons of TrendSpider include the following:

TrendSpider Pricing Model

TrendSpider technology is cutting-edge, quick, and has trendline automation, multi-timeframe analysis, and trendline automation that are all unique to TrendSpider. In terms of cost and software, TrendSpider starts at a reasonable $27 a month, which includes real-time data. It also includes ETFs, futures, cryptocurrency, and FX, among other products. – Best Stock Analysis Software for Screeners

Finviz Platform

Finviz Platform

How Does Help?

Finviz is a financial visualization application that includes a stock screener and trading tool. Finviz helps traders and investors swiftly filter and locate stocks based on pre-defined criteria, which saves time for professional traders.

Pros and Cons of

The pros of include the following:

It’s free (for the most part).

Offers insider sales tracking.

The cons of include the following:

The ads for the free version are annoying. Pricing Model

Finviz registration is absolutely free. Finviz Elite is $299.50 per year or $39.50 per month. When compared to a month-by-month membership, a yearly subscription saves you $174.50 each year.

NinjaTrader – Best Stock Analysis Software for Automation

NinjaTrader Platform

NinjaTrader Platform

How Does NinjaTrader Help?

The NinjaTrader program provides traders with customizable choices as well as third-party solutions to assist them in resolving any issues. All of the main elements, including charting, technical indicators, research tools, and fundamentals, are available to traders.

Pros and Cons of NinjaTrader

The pros of NinjaTrader include the following:

Fees and commissions are reasonable.

This is excellent instructional content.

The platform is of high quality.

Excellent research resources.

The cons of NinjaTrader include the following:

Fees for withdrawals are higher than those charged by rivals.

There is currently no mobile app available.

NinjaTrader Pricing Model

NinjaTrader offers free charting, analysis, and simulated trading as long as you have a funded account with their brokerage. For a futures account, a minimum deposit of $400 is required, and for an FX account, a minimum deposit of $50 is required. NinjaTrader’s third-party trading requires either a license or the purchase of the program. The cost of a license, or “lease,” is $720 per year. The pricing of NinjaTrader is $1,099. There’s no need to purchase the leased version of the program because it comes with substantially fewer data capabilities and costs almost as much. You’ll have to pay for any data streams you want to subscribe to, and the costs vary greatly. You will also be responsible for any fees charged by your selected brokerage. There are also price differences there.

Bloomberg – Best Stock Analysis Software for Real-Time Data

Bloomberg Platform

Bloomberg Platform

How Does Bloomberg Help?

Bloomberg is a comprehensive financial service aimed at traders and investors, as well as huge multinational banks and brokerage firms. This platform is comprehensive in its coverage of all aspects of finance and wide range of services offered.

Pros and Cons of Bloomberg

The pros of Bloomberg include the following:

Excellent technical analysis graphs.

Backtesting is of the highest caliber.

Professional advisory services are available.

Excellent Margin Rates are available.

The cons of Bloomberg include the following:

Very steeply-priced when compared to others on this list.

There is no option for social trading.

Bloomberg Pricing Model

The Bloomberg Terminal has the most significant disadvantage in terms of cost, with each seat costing $24,000 per year. The Bloomberg terminal will set you back about $2,000 per month or $24,000 annually.

Scanz – Best Stock Analysis Software for Day Trading

Scanz Platform

Scanz Platform

How Does Scanz Help?

Scanz is one of the top alternatives for day traders, earning our best for day traders title for a variety of reasons. This stock market tool focuses on delivering real-time statistics and news to your computer screen. The cost is reasonable, but it also gives you a lot for your money.

Pros and Cons of Scanz

The pros of Scanz include the following:

Stock screener is of excellent quality.

Real-time news that is smart and dependable.

A large number of broker interfaces are available.

The cons of Scanz include the following:

Can be pricier than other platforms of similar worth.

Scanz Pricing Model

Scanz provides a free seven-day trial that does not require a credit card. Following that, you’ll have to pay $79 per month for their news streamer, $99 for their trader scanner, or $149 for the combo package.

Should I Use Stock Analysis Software?

Technical analysis tools might assist you in developing your trading strategy. When it comes to trading, a trading strategy specifies when you want to purchase and sell stocks. It provides criteria for buy and sell orders, as well as risk management tools like stop loss orders, all of which are tailored to your investing goals.

There are several advantages to using technical analysis tools for your trading. Backtesting is a good place to start. Backtesting is a feature of stock trading software that allows you to test your trading techniques without having to invest any money. The success of your selected trading strategy is compared to the performance of securities and other assets in the past to predict future performance.

Notifications or “signals” can also be generated by technical analysis tools. When your trading indications are satisfied, your technical analysis software can send you an alert to your phone, allowing you to make your transactions. Marketing analysis software is always being improved by software developers, ensuring that you are always up to date.

You may learn about trading by using technical analysis tools. You may utilize instructional capabilities in software programs to learn about the software as well as different trading methods and indicators.

Consider product testing as well. A free trial period or level of service is included in most stock trading software systems. If you want to evaluate the success of the program’s technical indicators, you can even ask the software supplier for a list of the package’s advised trades over the past several months.

To put it simply, technical analysis software is definitely worth using.

How to Choose the Best Stock Software?

In general, you can apply the following best practices and tips to choose the best stock software for you:

  • Consider the price. What is the maximum amount you are willing to pay? Versus narrow down your alternatives, compare recurring prices to one-time payments.

  • Consider the speed. When it comes to trade execution, speed is crucial. Look for speed-related red flags in customer feedback.

  • Take into account accessibility. Is the software you’re thinking of using compatible with the hardware you’ll be using? Some software is only compatible with Windows-based PCs. Others are web-based and require access to the Internet.

  • Take a look at metrics and analytics. Determine which features and metrics are most important to you so that the software you choose is the greatest fit for your needs.

  • Consider if you’d want to utilize a demo account. We recommend looking for stock trading software that has demo accounts so that you can get a feel for the platform before making a purchase.

  • Think about indicators. Different indicators are used by different software programs. Indicators are mathematical formulas that assist you in deciding which equities to trade. For example, MetaStock, a prominent market analysis program, has the RMO trading indicator, which isn’t included in other packages like BullCharts.

  • Is there a free trial available for the software? Most stock trading analysis products provide a free trial so you can try out the features before investing in the software.

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Best Trading Platforms

Whether you’re a beginner, a stock trader, a day trader, or a copy trader, the following trading platforms are perfect for trading different assets with technical analysis tools. Our top picks include eOption, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood, and eToro.

Broker Trading Platform Best for Advantages



Stock and options trading

Low commissions, advanced trader platform

Open an Account

TD Ameritrade


Day Trading

Excellent range of research tools, tons of commission-free trades available

Open an Account




Very low costs, excellent security procedures in place

Open an Account



Stock Copy Trading

Offers the best social trading capabilities in the market, low minimums required to fund an account

Open an Account


Technical analysis tools may be quite useful if you’re a trader. Using top-notch stock analysis software, applications, and research tools will help you make better trading selections and acquire profits faster. You’ll need the best possible tools at an inexpensive price to keep track of your goals. Understanding the best stock analysis software, market research apps, and other stock trading software available, as well as the features, benefits, and downsides of each, is crucial. Stock Rover, MetaStock, TC2000, TradingView, TrendSpider,, NinjaTrader, Bloomberg, and Scanz are among our top selections for the finest technical analysis software providers.

Downloading and converting financial market data, as well as displaying previous price changes, are all done with technical analysis software. It’s worth noting that in order to see a stock’s supply and demand on a chart, pure technical analysis just requires price and volume data across time. Technical analysis software, on the other hand, allows the user to choose the price and volume-based indicators to help in future stock price projection.

Simply said, technical analysis software is well worth the investment. In general, consider the price, speed, accessibility, analytics, demo accounts, indicators, and free trials available when choosing the right technical analysis tool for you. We would also recommend using trading platforms like eOption, TD Ameritrade, eToro, or Robinhood, as it is quite easy to use technical analysis on those platforms.


What exactly is technical analysis in the context of stocks and trading?

The examination of past market data, such as price and volume, is known as technical analysis. Technical analysts work to analyze patterns of performance to anticipate future behavior in the market. They typically use insights from market trends, behavioral patterns, environmental patterns, and quantitative research. Chart patterns and technical or statistical indicators are the two most popular types of technical analysis.

Technical analysis aims to forecast future market changes, giving traders the knowledge they need to benefit. Traders use technical analysis tools to discover entry and exit points for prospective trades on charts. Technical analysis is predicated on the idea that the market has digested all available data and that it is represented in the price chart.

What information can technical analysis actually provide?

Technical analysis is a broad phrase that refers to a number of tactics that rely on interpreting price movement in a stock. The majority of technical analysis is concerned with identifying whether a current trend will continue and, if not, when it will reverse. Trendlines are preferred by certain technical analysts, while candlestick forms are preferred by others, and bands and boxes generated by mathematical visualization are preferred by others.

To identify probable entry and exit points for trades, most technical analysts employ a mix of instruments. For a short seller, a chart pattern may signal an entry point, but the trader will check moving averages for different time periods to confirm that a breakdown is imminent.

Are there any disadvantages or limitations when it comes to using technical analysis?

Technical analysis, like any method focused on specific trade triggers, has limitations. It’s possible to misread the graph. It’s possible that the formation is based on low volume. The moving average periods employed may be too long or too short for the sort of transaction you’re attempting to make. Technical stock and trend analysis have unique restrictions all their own as well. The adoption of additional technical analysis methodologies, tools, and techniques has a significant influence on price movement.

Is there a difference between technical analysis and fundamental analysis?

The two major groups in finance are fundamental analysis and technical analysis. While technical analysts feel that following the trend as it emerges via market activity is the best way, fundamental analysts argue that the market frequently ignores asset value. Fundamental analysts will overlook chart patterns in favor of scouring a company’s balance sheet and market profile for the hidden value that isn’t currently reflected in the price. There are several instances of successful traders who use fundamental or technical analysis to drive their trading, as well as those who combine the two. Technical analysis, on the other hand, lends itself to a faster investment speed, but fundamental analysis often has a lengthier decision timeline and holding term owing to the additional due diligence necessary.

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