Automated Forex Trading Software Free Download

Nowadays auto trading software for forex is becoming more and more popular. You do not have to what chart for the whole day and no need to use any complex strategy. The auto trading software will take trade for its own. You can experience that money is generating automatically to your account. Sound like crazy!

Today we are going to a new auto trading software for our website user. You need to test more and more forex robots to find out the best robot. We are sharing so many forex resources on this website you can check. You can also check out our other forex robots here: Forex Auto Scalper Robot or Gold Hedge.

This robot is created based on the complex profitable strategy out there. The market trends and price action strategy is applied here in the robot. If you can identify the price action of the market moves, you can earn so much from the forex market. On the other hand, if you have any robot which can auto trade with market price action, you can do not need to look back again.

You can use this forex robot with very minimal balance. It’s beginner-friendly and this robot usually does not take so much risk. After testing the demo you can start with a hundred-dollar balance real account. If you want to trade manually with a non-repaint forex indicator, you can check Forex Reversal Indicator.

When you are using this forex robot, you need to start with a 0.01 lot size and follow the money management. You should not be greedy and do not lose your emotional control. You will see that grid or martingale strategy is also used for this forex robot.

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This robot works on the mt4 platform only. There is no mt5 version at the moment. Almost every broker provides the mt4 platform from their website.

This robot works best on the EURUSD pair. Usually, it takes one entry per pair. Trailing stop-loss and good money management are being implemented to this robot. No grid and no martingale are applied to this forex robot. You will experience less drawdown using this robot.

There are many brokers out there, you can use any broker to use this robot. We usually recommend using a low spread broker. can be a good choice for the low spread broker.

The profitability of this robot is also nice. You can easily grow your account using this robot. We see this forex robot can double or thripple your account balance within two-three months. But you will get the best testing results when you test it on your own.

We always recommend testing anything trading system to your demo account first. After you satisfy you can go to real and make profits. Please do not go straight to the real account. It’s because the market may not behave the same as before. If your own testing permit, you can invest money to make profits using this forex robot.

You can download this EA by clicking the button below.

How to use:

Step 1: Register Zero Spread Broker:

Become Funded Trader 10K-200K:

Volatility Index Trading Broker:

Step 2: Download the EA’s file

Step 3: Install the EA to your MT4 platform

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Step 4: Run the EA to your demo account first

Step 5: After testing, if profits go to real account

Step 6: Make Profit

** Reliable forex VPS:

Recommended Settings:

Recommended balance minimum $500
Initial Lot: $0.01
Time frame: 1 Hour

Please watch this trading video after download

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Auto Trading Software Free Download Download

Automated Forex Trading Software Free Download


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