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Classes are taught by a professional Forex trader.

Forex courses given by somebody who has no successful trading experience cannot help you to succeed.

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Forex Online CLASSROOM Course

Our next
online CLASSROOM course

starts on 4 July 2022

To find out more about this 2 month course and how you can
save more than TWO-THIRDS of the normal cost
for the same material and value as our 3 month in-class course please click on the link below.

Our next
(and online) 3 Month CLASSROOM course

starts on 30th May 2022

This course is meant for absolute beginners that have not done any demo or live trading in Forex and is taught in classroom session. It teaches the platform or software that is used as an interface to the broker through which all trading transactions take place

Here is some UNSOLICITED feedback from our students that attended our short courses:

“Thank you for the
you facilitated! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!.”

– Presheen

“Thank you for a
great course and training
. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are so knowledgeable yet humble. We are very fortunate to have found you. Thank you.”

– Claudia

“I sincerely enjoyed the course; often times one attends a course and gets bored or the course is too complicated to follow. But in this case the training material was very clear and easy to understand, also the fact that the class size is very small so one truly gets individual attention. With the equipping I obtained through this course, I believe I am on my way to become a successful Forex trader. Thank you Ernest for the great service,
I would recommend this course to anyone serious in improving their trading skills and making trading a success.

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– Busani

“At the end of my first week demo trading on the system, I thought I would write you a bit of feedback. Basically I had a good week. I did 12 trades, of which 8 were in profit; total pips profit 130, total pips loss 17; overall profit 113 pips. In one case I closed a trade for a small loss because it was going the wrong way, then some hours later checked and found that if only I had been patient, it subsequently moved as expected. So overall a good and encouraging start.
Once again thank you for the excellence of your training which I am confident now has given me the basis to become a successful trader”
– Peter

“I did have the opportunity do attend the course and it was very informative and I learned a great deal. Whether you are a novice or have a little bit of a trading history you will definitely learn a great deal on trading with currencies.

I found this course extremely helpful and informative.

I will definitively urge you to take the one-one-one course. Ernest himself is a successful trader and have lots of knowledge and tricks you can learn from him.” – Mary-ann

“In general I found it very enjoyable and the fact that you created an atmosphere where serious learning could take place as well as making it fun and exciting is a strong plus point. I found the course very thorough, and you took pains to lay out the whole picture for us. I really like your follow-up emails and tips for the day.
All-in-all, an excellent experience for me and a big thankyou to you for making it so.” – Dr. Ellis

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“I started trading live from Monday this week using Hotforex broker. The challenge is i don’t have enough time to watch charts and indicators, i rely on pending trades and take profit settings.
This week I made R500 profit on a four(4) hour chart…
I opened the account with R1000 on micro lot. It looks promising.” – Jabu

It was great !!” – Dr Manaka

College for Forex Trading in Pretoria


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