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Binary options trading is much more difficult than other tradings available of the retail trader. It’s because you can risk your entire capable and you can lose all your total capital within 30 seconds. On the other hand, you can double your initial capital within a few minutes. In the circumstances, most of the traders cannot control their emotions and after losing some trades they revenge trades. As a result, they lose all their capital to the binary market.

This binary options robot is a free signals prover software. You can easily do 1-minute trade with this software. It’s the best robot for the newbie and intermediate binary options trader. It’s not like other kinds of indicators like the 60 Sec. indicator I shared earlier.

This binary trading robot usually follows the trend and provides signals according to the trend following strategy. You may be heard that trend is your friend and this binary bot is the best example of trend following tool.

You know you cannot win all your trends. When you are trading with this binary robot, make sure you check the market condition and price movement and take trades according to the good market conditions.

This binary robot is liked to the tradingview signals of the trending market. This connection makes this binary robot much more reliable and profit-driven. If you like to use binary indicators, our first recommendation is Lion Profits Indicators.

You do not need to use any trading platform to use this binary bot. You need to use double-click the robot file and the robot will appear. Select your desired pairs and how much winning percentage you want. After that this binary robot will give you signals, whether it’s CALL or PUT. You can trade according to the signals with 1 or 2 minutes trades.

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There are so many binary brokers you can find online, we found that deriv and iqoption are the most reliable and popular in the binary options market. But this binary robot works all the binary options brokers out there.

To trade on binary options using this trade, you need to choose the one-minute time frame. Each trade will be one minute’s trade. Do not use this robot when the market is slow as well as the market effects with the huge news. Stay safe and make money.

Emotional control is the main fact of success in the binary options field. You should have strong money management for your trading and common sense to succeed in binary options trading.

We also recommend testing this binary robot to your demo account so many times. After testing you can understand on your own whether this binary robot is profitable or not. After you are getting confidence in any binary system, you can go and invest real money to make real profits.

You can find all the free download information about this binary robot below.


1. 1-minute time frame
2. 1 minutes expiry
3. any asset you choose
4. Select profit percentage of 75%
5. avoid high volatility market

For Put and Call trade:

Rule 1: Watch the market and wait for the end of the candle
Rule 2: Select profit percentage 75%
Rule 3: Click more signal button
Rule 4: Trade PUT/CALL according to the signal shown in the software

Time frame:

1 minute

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How to Use:

Step 1: Deriv Trade Registration:
Register IQ option:
Expert Option registration:
Step 2: Download the robot
step 3: Run the robot
Step 4: Select the pair and winning percentages.
Step 5: The robot gives signals and you can take signals for manus trading.
Step 6: Make Profit

Please watch this trading video after download

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Bot Robot Signal Binary Trading Iq Option


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