No Somos De Los Que Retroceden: A Motivational Phrase For 2023

No somos de los que Retroceden Somos mas que Vencedores H Joel Soto
No somos de los que Retroceden Somos mas que Vencedores H Joel Soto from

The Meaning Behind “No Somos de los que Retroceden”

In Spanish, “No Somos de los que Retroceden” translates to “We are not those who retreat.” This phrase represents a strong and determined mindset that refuses to give up, no matter the obstacles that may come our way. It’s a motivational phrase that encourages individuals to keep moving forward, even when the going gets tough.

The Importance of a Strong Mindset

Having a strong mindset is crucial for success in any aspect of life. It’s the ability to stay focused on your goals, maintain a positive attitude, and persevere through challenges. “No Somos de los que Retroceden” is a reminder that we have the power to control our thoughts and reactions, and it’s up to us to choose to be resilient and persistent.

One of the key aspects of having a strong mindset is to develop a growth mindset. This means embracing challenges and seeing them as opportunities to learn and improve, rather than as obstacles to overcome. By adopting a growth mindset, we can approach setbacks with a more positive outlook and use them as stepping stones to success.

How to Apply “No Somos de los que Retroceden” in Your Life

If you want to apply “No Somos de los que Retroceden” in your life, start by setting clear and specific goals for yourself. Make sure they align with your values and passions, and then create a plan to achieve them.

Once you have your plan, focus on taking consistent action towards your goals, even if it’s just small steps at first. Celebrate your progress along the way and learn from any setbacks or failures. Remember that setbacks are a natural part of the journey, and they can help you grow and become stronger.

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Examples of “No Somos de los que Retroceden” in Action

There are countless examples of people who embody the spirit of “No Somos de los que Retroceden”. Take, for instance, the story of J.K. Rowling, who faced rejection from multiple publishers before finally finding success with the Harry Potter series. Despite the setbacks, she persevered and never gave up on her dream.

Another example is Serena Williams, who has faced numerous obstacles throughout her tennis career, including injuries and personal struggles. Despite these challenges, she has remained focused and driven, becoming one of the greatest athletes of all time.


“No Somos de los que Retroceden” is a powerful phrase that can inspire us to achieve our goals and overcome any obstacles that come our way. By adopting a strong and determined mindset, we can approach challenges with resilience and perseverance, and ultimately achieve success in our lives.

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