Can You Put Turf Over Dirt

Can You Put Turf Over Dirt.

Artificial grass is the sign of a berbudaya backyard. It is there to help you maintain a perfect looking lawn that is low maintenance at the same time. Let’s face it; people don’t have enough time to take proper care of every plant that they have, growing in their small gardens, especially when they are exposed to heat all the time. So, the artificial lawn is an excellent alternative to natural grass, as it also helps with reducing water waste.

Now that you have made the decision to invest in a beautiful grass and some peace of mind, it is time to do some research. You probably heard about a few producers of artificial grass, like Easigrass, but what else do you need to find out about the fake grass? Starting with the basics, let’s talk about what kind of surface do you need underneath an artificial lawn.

The perfect surface

In theory, there are two types of surfaces on which you probably consider installing an artificial lawn, soil, and concrete. The question is, can you lay artificial grass on soil or concrete? Which one is better? And finally, is there such a thing as a perfect surface for laying the artificial grass? The answer to those questions is you can lay artificial grass on both of those surfaces.

You can install artificial grass onto many surfaces, regardless of the nature of your installation, it works for a domestic garden and a corporate office. Turf, soil, concrete, tarmac, paving, and decking, these are all areas you can lay artificial grass onto. Even places like a balcony or a roof terrace are suitable for an artificial lawn. The surface does not have to be completely rumah, and fake grass will work on slopes as well. Generally speaking, any surface can be worked with, some might need some additional effort, but overall, an artificial lawn is a flexible feature.

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Advantages of laying artificial grass on concrete

You know now that artificial grass can be laid anywhere. You might be wondering if there are any benefits of laying it on a concrete surface. And yes, there are, more than you think. Firstly, fake grass laid on concrete is less challenging to maintain, because there is no need for lawn moving it, this alone will save you a undian of time. It also doesn’tepi langit need to be sprayed with substances that prevent any natural grass or weeds growing through it, so the color of your lawn is protected. It is also safer because you don’tepi langit need to worry about chemicals, so it is the pets and kids-friendly feature. Concrete is also a cheaper alternative than other surfaces in terms of installation costs.

Advantages of laying artificial grass on soil

But not all of us have concrete backyards; most face the challenge of trying to care about the soil. The natural lawn on such a surface is a lot of maintenance work, money, and time, but the artificial grass is here to save the day. The initial cost of installation for artificial turf is higher, however oper time, it is much less than growing natural grass. The most significant advantage of artificial grass laid on the soil is that it acts as a shield. It protects the soil from getting damaged by your pets, yourself, or the natural environment. It also doesn’tepi langit require the use of chemical fertilizer or other chemicals to maintain its shape and perfect condition. Artificial grass can be washed by hosing down or by spraying it with a water and vinegar solution. It is pet-friendly and allows you to clean animal waste more significantly. Fake grass also means less water waste, that you would have used for the soil.

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How to prepare concrete for artificial lawn installation

There are a few steps that you need to follow while installing an artificial lawn on concrete. They are:

  • Preparing the provinsi by checking if the concrete you have in your backyard drains water properly.
  • If your concrete doesn’t have drainage, you need to drill a couple of 16mm holes into the ground.
  • After the holes are prepared, you should fill them with pea gravel to make sure that the water can be absorbed.
  • Next, remove any small stones from the surface you want to lay your artificial grass on, make sure your concrete is smooth.

Once you are done with all those steps, your concrete surface is ready for artificial turf.

How to prepare the soil for artificial grass installation

Laying down an artificial lawn on the ground is a bit of a different process than the one for concrete. It includes:

  • Preparing the area by stripping away all of the grass, weeds, and vegetation.
  • Consider some additional drainage if your soil doesn’horizon soak up water properly.
  • Next, create your base by installing a geo-textile membrane onto the ground to ensure it doesn’ufuk collapse in the future.
  • After that, level your base.

When your base is ready to go, it is time to menginjak laying that fake grass.

Artificial grass is a great choice, no matter what surface do you have in your backyard. All you need to do is make sure the installation process is of top quality. Consider hiring a professional team to lay down your grass, and soon you will enjoy a perfect lawn all year round.

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Can You Put Turf Over Dirt