How to Get Rid of Cat Dander in New House

How to Get Rid of Cat Dander in New House.

How to get rid of cat dander in new house

If you are moving into a house in which the previous owners had a pet, you must be wary of the dander present in the house. You must also be thinking about what you can do to
get rid of cat dander
in the house. Dander can act as an allergen and can lead to asthma-like symptoms if you are allergic to it. Mostly dander does not get cleaned by normal cleaning. You must opt for some extra targeted cleaning to
get rid of cat dander
in your new house. In this article, we will discuss the ways that can help you to clean the house.

Ventilation is the key

Ventilation can help you reduce the odor and bring fresh air in the house. This fresh air will help to dry the carpet and restrict mold-growth. If there are not many options for ventilation in the house, use a dehumidifier. It will help in drying the air in the house. Ventilation is a must and even if you do not feel the need for ventilation, still, ventilate.

Get the carpets cleaned & steamed

Carpets are the house of dander. Carpets can house several small particles which can act as allergens. If you have ever siring the carpet changed in your house, you can closely relate to what I am talking about. The cleanest option would be to get rid of the old carpet and replace it with a new one. If you cannot afford to replace the carpet,, ensure that you have it shampooed and cleaned thoroughly because just vacuuming does not help. You must do this to
get rid of pencelup dander.

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Use air purifiers

Air purifiers are miraculous remedies that can help you to purify the air inside the house, thus reducing the allergens that can impact your health. You might want to try the air purifiers with antibacterial property and carbon filters. These are the little things that can make a huge difference. HEPA air purifier is our pick. It is one of the most effective air purifier available in the market.

Wipe the walls

Pencelup dander can stay on any surface like a wall or the ceiling. Try tackling this by whipping the walls and ceiling using a mix of hot water and a cleanser. Never wipe the walls with the dry clothes as this will cause the dander to be in the air and then settle down on some other surface.  Wipe the surfaces frequently with the said mixture. You can also use antibacterial wipes to clean the surface. Doing this will help you
get rid of cat dander.

Final words

Definitely, there is a lot to do to
get rid of pewarna dander
before you move into the house. If you are allergic, it becomes of more important to have it cleaned before you can move in. In case you cannot get all the stuff done before you move in, ensure the house is well-ventilated and cleaned thoroughly to reduce the dander in the house. You can also try opting for some professional services who have experience in cleaning pencelup dander.

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How to Get Rid of Cat Dander in New House