What Year Did Nhf Open Their Ipo

What Year Did Nhf Open Their Ipo.

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NIB Holdings Ltd

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Dividend Payment History

Data provided by Morningstar.

Data provided by Morningstar.

Ex-Date Amount Franking Type Payable
05 Sep 2022 $0.1100 100.00% Final 04 Oct 2022
03 Mar 2022 $0.1100 100.00% Interim 04 Apr 2022
02 Sep 2021 $0.1400 100.00% Final 05 Oct 2021
04 Mar 2021 $0.1000 100.00% Interim 06 Apr 2021
03 Sep 2020 $0.0400 100.00% Final 06 Oct 2020
05 Mar 2020 $0.1000 100.00% Interim 07 Apr 2020
02 Sep 2019 $0.1300 100.00% Final 30 Sep 2019
28 Feb 2019 $0.1000 100.00%
06 Sep 2018 $0.1100 100.00% Final 05 Oct 2018
01 Mar 2018 $0.0900 100.00% Interim 03 Apr 2018
07 Sep 2017 $0.1050 100.00% Final 06 Oct 2017
02 Mar 2017 $0.0850 100.00% Interim 03 Apr 2017
08 Sep 2016 $0.0900 100.00% Final 07 Oct 2016
02 Mar 2016 $0.0575 100.00% Interim 01 Apr 2016
09 Sep 2015 $0.0600 100.00% 09 Oct 2015
04 Mar 2015 $0.0550 100.00% 02 Apr 2015
10 Sep 2014 $0.0900 100.00% Special Cash 03 Oct 2014
10 Sep 2014 $0.0575 100.00% Final 03 Oct 2014
05 Sep 2013 $0.0500 100.00% Final 04 Oct 2013
04 Mar 2013 $0.0500 100.00% Interim 05 Apr 2013
05 Mar 2012 $0.0425 100.00% Interim 05 Apr 2012
07 Mar 2011 $0.0400 100.00% Interim 08 Apr 2011
05 Mar 2010 $0.0200 100.00% Interim 08 Apr 2010
14 Sep 2009 $0.0440 100.00% Final 09 Oct 2009

NHF ASX Announcements

Price Sensitive Only?

An announcement is considered as
“Price Sensitive”
if it is thought that it may have an impact on the price of the security.

Date Announcement Price Sensitive? Time No. of Pages File Size


About NIB Holdings Ltd

NIB Holdings is Australia’s fourth-largest health fund. It is a national provider of private health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, and related healthcare services, with a growing presence in New Zealand. Approximately 54% of the population is covered by private health insurance because of taxation benefits, shorter wait times, a choice of doctor and hospital, and cover of ancillary health services.

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NHF Share Price History

Data provided by Morningstar.

Data provided by Morningstar.

Date Close Change % Change Volume Open High Low
26 Oct 2022 $6.76 $0.00 0.00% 1,326,582 $6.74 $6.77 $6.67
25 Oct 2022 $6.76 $-0.01 -0.15% 768,177 $6.87 $6.87 $6.74
24 Oct 2022 $6.77 $0.07 1.04% 1,006,636 $6.83 $6.84 $6.67
21 Oct 2022 $6.70 $-0.11 -1.62% 775,520 $6.80 $6.83 $6.69
20 Oct 2022 $6.81 $-0.04 -0.58% 886,567 $6.84 $6.91 $6.77
19 Oct 2022 $6.85 $0.11 1.63% 1,339,790 $6.85 $6.89 $6.80
18 Oct 2022 $6.74 $0.02 0.30% 1,271,043 $6.80 $6.84 $6.72
17 Oct 2022 $6.72 $-0.19 -2.75% 977,314 $6.84 $6.86 $6.68
14 Oct 2022 $6.91 $0.30 4.54% 2,806,129 $6.70 $6.96 $6.65
13 Oct 2022 $6.61 $-0.90 -11.98% 7,581,005 $7.00 $7.03 $6.54
11 Oct 2022 $7.51 $0.05 0.67% 585,777 $7.46 $7.57 $7.44
10 Oct 2022 $7.46 $-0.02 -0.27% 569,364 $7.42 $7.50 $7.40
07 Oct 2022 $7.48 $-0.07 -0.93% 490,601 $7.45 $7.52 $7.44
06 Oct 2022 $7.55 $0.05 0.67% 665,398 $7.48 $7.58 $7.43
05 Oct 2022 $7.50 $0.04 0.54% 1,100,991 $7.46 $7.53 $7.37
04 Oct 2022 $7.46 $0.11 1.50% 679,294 $7.50 $7.50 $7.39
03 Oct 2022 $7.35 $-0.08 -1.08% 443,628 $7.43 $7.48 $7.35
30 Sep 2022 $7.43 $-0.06 -0.80% 910,107 $7.41 $7.50 $7.38
29 Sep 2022 $7.49 $0.09 1.22% 524,437 $7.52 $7.54 $7.43
28 Sep 2022 $7.40 $0.05 0.68% 1,281,467 $7.35 $7.42 $7.29
27 Sep 2022 $7.35 $-0.07 -0.94% 818,610 $7.37 $7.40 $7.30

Director Transactions

Data provided by Morningstar.

Data provided by Morningstar.

Date Director Type Amount Value Bloknot
20 Oct 2022 Jacqueline Chow Sell 25 $172,250

On-market trade.

21 Sep 2022 Donal O’Dwyer Buy 2 $19,000

On-market trade.

01 Sep 2022 Mark Fitzgibbon Expiry 107 $872,486

As advised by the company. Lapsed\7,35,675 -rights

01 Sep 2022 Mark Fitzgibbon Issued 82 $663,198

On-market trade.

01 Sep 2022 Mark Fitzgibbon Exercise 107 $872,486

Conversion of securities. 843,656 Rights

01 Sep 2022 Mark Fitzgibbon Issued 107 $872,486

Conversion of securities.

29 Aug 2022 Mark Fitzgibbon Sell 50 $390,381

On-market trade.

23 Aug 2022 Peter Harmer Buy 8 $65,846

On-market trade.

23 Aug 2022 David Gordon Buy 20 $158,600

On-market trade.

18 May 2022 Mark Fitzgibbon Transfer 50 $362,500

Off-market transfer.

18 May 2022 Mark Fitzgibbon Transfer 50 $362,500

Off-market transfer.

07 Mar 2022 Mark Fitzgibbon Transfer 40 $250,400

Off-market transfer.

28 Feb 2022 Anne Loveridge Buy 11 $74,137

On-market trade.

26 Nov 2021 Mark Fitzgibbon Issued 220 $1,515,326

Issue of securities. 951,637 – Performance Rights

11 Nov 2021 Mark Fitzgibbon Sell 47 $340,264

On-market trade.

Directors & Management

Data provided by Morningstar.

Data provided by Morningstar.

Name Title Mulai Date Profile
Mr David L Gordon Non-Executive Director
Non-Executive Chairman
May 2020

Mr Gordon has adv lewat 20 years’ experience as a director of both public and private companies and has experience in the corporate advisory and financial services sector. He is currently Chair of Accent Group Limited and Founding Principal of Lexicon Partners. He was previously a Director and Chair of Ten Network Holdings and held senior roles at Herbert Smith Freehills and boutique investment bank, Wentworth Associates.

Ms Anne Joan Loveridge Non-Executive Director Feb 2017

Ms Loveridge has over 35 years of experience in banking, wealth management, private equity and property. She has knowledge of financial and regulatory reporting, risk management controls and compliance frameworks. She also has experience as a Committee Chairperson. Formally trained as a Chartered Accountant, Anne has a of experience in financial reporting, auditing, risk, ethics and regulatory affairs following her 31 years with PwC Australia, where she retired as Partner and Deputy Chair in 2015. Through senior leadership roles in the firm, Anne also has experience and a focus on leadership, performance and culture. She was specifically involved in the creation of targets, mentoring and development programs for senior executives, as well as evaluating organisational training programs to identify areas of bias. Anne Loveridge is entitled to receive a retirement benefit from PwC as part of her retirement plan. The amount of the payment was determined at the time of retirement, based on role and tenure with the firm. The benefit is not impacted by the revenue, profits or earnings of PwC. Anne has declared her previous relationship with PwC to the nib Board and the Board is satisfied that it does not affect her independence as Non-Executive Director and does not constitute a conflict of interest. The nib Board has in place mechanisms to manage conflicts of interest where they arise. Anne is a Non-Executive Director of Platinum Asset Management and a Non-Executive Director of National Australia Bank Limited. She is a member of the Risk, Reputation and Investment committee.

Mr Donal Paul O’Dwyer Non-Executive Director Mar 2016

Mr O’Dwyer is also a Director of nib health funds limited. Industry experience Donal has a knowledge of the health industry globally, after more than 35 years in senior executive and Non-Executive Director roles within the healthcare products and medical device sectors. He went on to gain experience in business, science, engineering, manufacturing and management. During his tenure with Baxter Healthcare, he rose through the ranks from plant manager to President of the Cardiovascular Group Europe, gaining a understanding of the inner workings of business strategy and fiscal management, from the floor of the factory through to the boardroom. He then worked for Cordis (the cardiovascular device franchise of Johnson & Johnson) – initially as European President and later, when he located to the US, he served as Worldwide President. In his role as member of the nib Risk and Reputation Committee, Donal has a interest in environmental, social and governance factors and how these performance indicators can help promote long-term financial success. Donal is a Non-Executive Director of Cochlear Ltd, Mesoblast Ltd (Chair of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee) and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Ltd. He was director of Chair of CardieX Limited (formerly AtCor Medical Holdings Limited). He is Chair of the Investment committee and a member of the Risk and Reputation and People committee.

Mark Fitzgibbon Chief Executive Officer
Managing Director
May 2007

Mr Fitzgibbon has held executive positions at a number of large Australian organisations, including local government councils and peak bodies. Mark has previously served as CEO of both the national and NSW peak industry bodies for licensed clubs, as well as holding several General Manager positions in local government. He is currently a Director of Private Healthcare Australia.

Ms Lee Ausburn Non-Executive Director Nov 2013

Ms Ausburn has more than 30 years of experience in the pharmaceuticals industry. Lee is a pharmacist with experience in retail and hospital pharmacy, as well as in academia. She had a long career in the pharmaceutical industry with Merck Sharp and Dohme (Australia) Pty Ltd and was previously Vice President – Asia for Merck and Co Inc with responsibility for the company’s operations across nine countries. She also has marketing experience with customer centric. Operating in a highly regulated industry, Lee also developed regulatory and government relations skills. She also has experience operating joint ventures, including chairing the Far East Operating Board. Lee was previously a member (2010-2015) and President (2015- 2017) of the Pharmacy Foundation at the University of Sydney. In NSW, she was a Board member of NSW Health’s Clinical Excellence Commission and the Agency for Clinical Innovation (2010-2014), established to enhance quality and safety in NSW hospitals. Lee is currently a Director of pharmaceutical wholesaling and pharmacy retail business, Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. She is Chair of the People committee and a member of the Risk and Reputation committee.

Mr Peter Harmer Non-Executive Director Jul 2021

Mr Harmer has over 40 years’ experience in the Australian and international insurance and financial sectors, including over 30 years in a senior executive capacity. He was formerly Chief Executive Officer of Insurance Australia Group (IAG), CGU Insurance, Aon Limited UK, Aon Risk Services Australia Pacific and Aon Re Australia. Mr Harmer was also Chairman of Aon Re Australia and the London Market Reform Group and is currently a Non-Executive Director of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Ms Jacqueline Chow Non-Executive Director Apr 2018

Ms Chow has more than 20 years of experience working with global blue-chip consumer product multinationals in a range of executive and non-executive positions in general management, strategy, marketing as well as technology and innovation. Her early career concentrated on business analytics, brand equity and marketing. She has global experience driving strategic growth and innovation across customer and consumer brands for the likes of Fonterra, Campbell Arnott’s and the Kellogg Company. She was previously Deputy Chair of Global Dairy Platform and a Director of Fisher & Paykel Appliances in New Zealand, Dairy Partners Americas, the Riddet Institute (Massey University NZ) and The Arnott’s Foundation. In her role with McKinsey & Company RTS, she advises clients across resources, retail, financial services, telecommunications and consumer sectors on organisational change and high performance culture. She is Non-Executive Director of the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce and a senior advisor with McKinsey & Company RTS. She is also a member of Chief Executive Women. She is Chair of the Risk and Reputation committee and a member of the People and Investment committee.

Mrs Michelle McPherson Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Sep 2008

Ms Roslyn Toms Group Executive – Lazim and Chief Risk Officer
Company Secretary
Apr 2013

Mr Jordan French Senior Corporate Counsel
Joint Company Secretary
Aug 2017

Edward Close Chief Executive

Australian Residents Health Insurance

James Barr Chief Executive

International Visitors

Anna Gladman Chief Executive

nib Travel

Nick Freeman Chief Financial Officer

Brendan Mills Chief Information Officer

Matt Paterson Chief Operations Officer

Martin Adlington Chief People Officer

Michelle McPherson Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Roslyn Toms Group Executive – Sah and Chief Risk Officer
Company Secretary

Jordan French Senior Corporate Counsel
Joint Company Secretary

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Top Shareholders

Data provided by Morningstar.

Data provided by Morningstar.

Name Shares Capital
HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited 76,781,000 16.77%
Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited 33,999,128 7.43%
J P Morgan Nominees Australia Pty Limited 33,045,560 7.22%
National Nominees Limited 15,798,859 3.45%
BNP Paribas Noms Pty Ltd 7,731,251 1.69%
Bnp Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd 5,440,256 1.19%
Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited (i) 4,381,265 0.96%
Mirrabooka Investments Limited 1,350,000 0.29%
Mr Mark Anthony Fitzgibbon 1,296,366 0.28%
BNP Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd Six Sis Ltd 1,239,620 0.27%
BNP Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd Hub24 Custodial Serv Ltd 1,050,124 0.23%
HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited (i) 1,013,776 0.22%
CPU Share Plans Pty Ltd 960,641 0.21%
BNP Paribas Nominees Pty Ltd (i) 913,923 0.20%
Powerwrap Limited 889,889 0.19%
Fitzy (Nsw) Pty Ltd 824,621 0.18%
BNP Paribas Noms Pty Ltd (i) 769,996 0.17%
AMP Life Limited 732,813 0.16%
Mrs Michelle Mcpherson 587,911 0.13%
Modane Pty Ltd 459,744 0.10%

What Year Did Nhf Open Their Ipo

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