Ryobi 40v Trimmer Line Replacement Size

Ryobi 40v Trimmer Line Replacement Size.

The Ryobi 40V Expand-It String Trimmer Review

This is a review of the new Ryobi 40V Expand-It Attachment Capable String Trimmer Model #RY40250. This tool is part of the new line of Ryobi 40V outdoor power equipment and is interchangeable with a large selection of attachments. More information about this line is available at the Ryobi website.

A string trimmer is one of the cornerstone tools of any property owner’s power equipment arsenal. In the past battery powered versions of these tools have been under powered or had short run times.

TheRyobi 40V EXPAND-IT String Trimmer

Ryobi addressed these issue by introducing new and improved 40V lithium-ion battery technology into their new Attachment Capable (AC) String Trimmer. The attachment capable system allows you to separate the power head from the trimmer unit and swap it out for any tool head from the Ryobi line.

All of this convenience is combined into a tool that is well balanced and offers impressive performance and ease of use.

Ryobi 40V EXPAND-IT String Trimmer Specifications:

  • Battery: 40V 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion
  • Cut Swath: Adjustable 13-15”
  • Line Advancement: Bump Head Feed
  • Line Size: 0.080”
  • Trigger: Variable Speed
  • Warranty: 5 Year Limited

Ryobi 40V EXPAND-IT String Trimmer Features:

The Ryobi 40V EXPAND-IT String Trimmer has power that Ryobi describes as GAS-LIKE and after using this tool I agree! It was able to power through thick grass and low weeds as well as a conventional homeowner gas powered model.

40 Volt Battery Powered

The power comes from Ryobi’s improved 40V batteries and a 4.0Ah version is included with the tool. The battery includes a clip on style charger that doubles as a power station. I discussed the battery and charger features in another recent review which can be found here.

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My battery came dead in the box and took approximately two hours to get a full charge using the provided charger. While the power was impressive for a cordless tool, it is not at the same level as a commercial tabun powered straight shaft trimmer.

Adjustable Height

The Ryobi 40V EXPAND-IT String Trimmer has an ergonomic qalam with rubber adv lewat molding and a variable speed trigger that is responsive and spools the trimmer up immediately. A padded U shaped grip is included that the user can set the height on.

This allows good balance of the tool for your height and desired trimming position. I am tall with long arms and tenggat to shift the handle all the way up to make it comfortable for extended use. The 40V AC Trimmer lacks the felt vibration of a conventional gas powered sempurna. It was smooth and comfortable in hand.

The head of the Ryobi 40V EXPAND-IT String Trimmer is a traditional bump feed design and uses 0.080” line. A couple lengths of  line are included, but any trimmer line of the same size will work. The coolest part though is how you change the line.

Crank mengangsur the head is fully wound. This process can be done in about a minute once you get the hang of it.

Reel-Easy Speed Winder

Ryobi refers to this as their REEL-EASY SPEED WINDER technology. Lock the head into the feed potion, feed in a 16’ length of trimmer line and center it, then use the provided plastic crank like a spanner wrench on the outside of the head to wind the spool. This is hands down the easiest reel head I have ever used to re-spool! It works very well and can be done in under a minute. The cut swath on the head is adjustable from 13-15” by moving the cutting blade on the head guard.

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Available Accessories:

One of the stand out features is the EXPAND-IT capability from Ryobi. The tool can be broken down at the midpoint of the shaft to allow the changing of implements. The trimmer head can be changed out for a variety of attachments;

  • Landscaping Edger
  • 10” Pole Saw
  • Soil Cultivator
  • Fixed Hedge Trimmer
  • 15” Articulating Hedge Trimmer
  • Jet Fan Blower
  • Snow Thrower
  • Sweeper

The 40V AC Trimmer uses a spring loaded detent ball to lock the shaft of each attachment in place. A plastic collar mechanism with hand crank to applies tension down on the shaft. This locks the attachment down without any play. I was skeptical of the locking mechanism at first, but it has held up well for derita during use.

Pricing and Availability:

The Ryobi 40V EXPAND-IT String Trimmer is currently available through Home Depot and Amazon. Pricing online is $159.00 for the kit with charger and 4.0Ah battery at the Home Depot website. Overall this is an outstanding value for an out of the box tool that is good to go for any homeowner.

Cutting through tall grass with the 40V AC trimmer.

Who Is This Tool For?

The Ryobi 40V EXPAND-IT String Trimmer is a great option for a homeowner looking for the power of a corded tool with the convenience of a cordless tool. It is not a brush cutter and it is titinada meant for all day commercial use. The trimmer would be right at home for trimming around patios, trees, or hard to reach spots, but lacks the grunt of a true pro grade trimmer.

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The tool world is evolving into cordless everything and the outdoor power equipment world is no exception. Let’s face it, after a long and aggravating day the last thing you want to worry about is if your mixed asap is still good or if your trimmer will spark.

The Ryobi 40V ATTACMENT-CAPABLE String Trimmer is a convenient tool that is well balanced and surprisingly powerful with an easy to load reel head. While I think the ATTACHMENT-CAPABLE locking mechanism has room for improvement, this tool is still a great option for making a homeowner’s yard work easier.

Ryobi 40v Trimmer Line Replacement Size

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