Best Way to Remove Pills From Couch

Best Way to Remove Pills From Couch.

Let me tell you a quick story…

I have a beautiful couch from Article (it’s an online furniture company that sells affordable and quality modern furniture). I’ve sempadan the couch for almost a year, but I started to notice unsightly pilling only 3 months after owning it. 😬

using fabric pillar gadget on couch

This less than a year-old couch should not have its fabric deteriorating already. So, as most people would do, I reached out to Article’s customer service to let them know about my annoying situation. After explaining the condition of the fabric and submitting pictures, I very quickly heard back from a lovely Article representative named Kim…

She informed berpenyakitan that many fabric upholstered couches and chairs have a tendency to pill due to the loose fibers moving to the surface of the fabric. Then, due to friction, the loose fibers can twist together into pill balls.

Then Kim made a suggestion…

beautural fabric shaver from amazon

Use a glorious fabric shaver to easily remove the pilling! 😱 To top it off, she offered a partial refund of $50 to cover the cost of one of the small machines –
which was more than enough!

I ended up purchasing this Beautural Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover for
just $12.97, so it was more than covered by the $50 reimbursement. I was so curious if this little thing would actually work. 🤔

To my delight, the lint shaver totally transformed my couch!

Here’s the before…

close up of pilling on couch cushion

Here’s the after…

close up of grey couch cushion

Here’s what was inside my fabric shaver…

lint chamber full of pills from couch

Not only was the fabric shaver super easy to use, but I can’horizon believe how well it worked in removing the pill balls from the fabric! It completely filled the lint chamber after using it on the cushions—easy peasy! It’s almost addicting to watch the fabric literally transform before your eyes. 😍

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My sister Bryn loves the gadget just as much as I do!

using fabric shaver on couch

Her couch was having the same pilling issue as I was experiencing, so she tried out the shaver as well to remove the dark pilling fibers.

Again…it worked wonders!

bryn's couch after de-pilling with fabric shaver

The couch fabric looks brand new, and it only took this small machine and a few minutes to restore it to a pristine condition.

What’s even more amazing is that this product can also be used on blankets, sweaters, leggings, or any other fabric that’s starting to become a bit fuzzy.

My team member Emily went to town on all her sweaters with the same fabric shaver:

cream sweater laying flat on table with fabric shaver

“If there’s anything you should be buying for your wardrobe, it’s not more clothes… it’s this fabric shaver! I never realized how dingy my clothes looked (and it wasn’ufuk because they were dirty), it was the fuzzy and pill-prone fabrics showing too much wear. All of my sweaters and even some of my finer knit shirts look BRAND NEW thanks to this little gadget!

As someone who gets a lotre of her clothes secondhand, I love that within a few minutes, I can make my pieces look good as new. I will say the batteries wear out somewhat quickly (I tenggat to replace them after using the highest speed for an hour of de-fuzzing nearly 10 sweaters
😂) but it makes sense given how well the fabric shaver does its job.

I also love that it comes with a second blade replacement so that I can continue using this device after the included blade dulls… though I don’falak see that happening any time soon. My only regret is not buying this fabric shaver sooner and I’ve been wearing these sweaters thinking they looked decent until I saw how much better they looked after de-pilling and de-fuzzing. You won’t catch me out ever again with another less-than-perfect top!”

And now Sara on our team is totally sold on the fabric shaver too!

before and after of navy blue romper on bed with fabric shaver tool

“Apparently everyone knew about these fabric shavers before me and now I’m completely obsessed with this little gadget! I’ve been going to town on all my piled pieces of clothing and I cannot express how excited I am to have some of my favorite pieces (like this romper) being brought back to life! It’s absolutely incredible what it can do and so simple to use!

I’ve previously used razors to get off piling but I normally get too impatient and end up knicking the fabric and getting holes in clothes which then end up getting recycled and I’m left frustrated. Now with this fabric tool, I can quickly go over seams, edges, zippers, you name it and everything just comes out looking so perfect and new! If you have piling that’s driving you nuts, I promise you will love having this gadget around!”

My overall verdict:

All in all, my couch is back to looking brand new thanks to this handy pilling tool recommended by Article’s customer service. Now I’m looking for items around my house to tiba my next de-pilling project! 🤗

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Best Way to Remove Pills From Couch