Adhesive for Beading on Laminate Flooring

Adhesive for Beading on Laminate Flooring.

Installing Scotia beading.

I want to install Scotia beating. Should I be using adhesive or nails? Should I attatch it to the laminate, just the skirting board or both?

Expert Trade Answers

“Hi Monika, hope you are well.

I would recommend using pins (nails) and attach it to the skirting board only. (Simple nail gun and nails can be picked up for £20-£30)
Attaching it to the skirting board allows the laminate to expand and contract as needed.

When you have nailed the beading in place, check how flush the head of the nail is with the beading. If it stands proud, use a flat head screwdriver and hammer to gently and carefully tap the nail in a little further.

For mitre joints in the corner, I’d recommend using a fast bind adhesive to join the corners together to create a near-invisible joint. Then nailing to the skirting.

Hope this helps.”

Answered on 31st Mar 2020 – Member since Feb 2020 – report

“Use glue for scotia beating, unless you have a nail gun and attach to the skirtings only.”

Answered on 31st Mar 2020 – Member since Mar 2020 – report

“Nailing – The scotia should be nailed to the skirting (not the floor, as this would cause problems with the expansion of the floor that the scotia is supposed to solve) at a 45-degree angle using either a nail gun or a hammer. Some homeowners opt for adhesive, which is slightly less reliable than nailing the scotia to the boards, but this does avoid unsightly nail holes.

Gap filling –
Once the scotia beading has been fitted, there may be some visible gaps that look unsightly – these will often be caused by imperfections in the wall plastering. They can be plugged with a little bit of decorator’s filler for a more professional-looking finish. Once this step has been completed, the beading might need wiping down with a damp cloth to get it looking as pristine as possible, and then it’ll be ready to show off to guests.

Although it’s a relatively minor and potentially unnoticeable room feature, the key function that scotia beading performs means that it has to be installed correctly; otherwise long-term problems may develop with the floor and skirting board. As shown above, though, fitting it to the skirting boards and flooring of any room is a relatively simple procedure.”

Answered on 31st Mar 2020 – Member since May 2014 – report

“You can use either method, but I would recommend mitre bond.”

Answered on 31st Mar 2020 – Member since Jan 2019 – report

“either will work but a brad nail gun would be best”

Answered on 4th Jul 2022 – Member since Feb 2019 – report

“You can do either glue or pin. I personally pin because it’s faster and holds better with my pin gun . Straight into skirting. But gluing also is fine. Try fixing to skirting so floor can acclimatise freely”

Answered on 14th May 2020 – Member since May 2020 – report

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Adhesive for Beading on Laminate Flooring