How to Get Rid of Birds in Vents

How to Get Rid of Birds in Vents.

Birds in Vents

Birds in Vents is a very common problem that is found in most cities and towns on the eastern seaboard, Birds will start attempting to get into vents usually in the later part of March, They will attempt to get into any vent in the home, some of the more common vents that you will find birds in are Kitchen Vents, and Higher up bathroom vents. They also can be found in Dryer vents and lower ground level vents used to exhaust tabun furnaces and other appliances. One of the first things that customers will tell us is they hear scratching in their vents of their house, they may or may not be hearing scratching, Bird have very long claws on their toes, they use these claws for gripping tree limbs and other objects during their day to day activities. When a bird walks in the logam vent pipes it actually sounds as though they are scratching.

How long will the birds be in my vents?

How long will the birds be in my vent pipe?, that is a very good question and one that has no simple answer, depending on if the mother bird successfully completes her nesting cycle, If she completes her nesting cycle successfully the first time, she should only be in the vent for apox. 8 weeks. In these 8 weeks, she will lay the eggs, sit the eggs and hatch them; she will then become increasingly noisy, going back and forth between 40 and 50 times per day, feeding the chicks that she just hatched. If the cycle does not complete its self, she will lay another clutch of eggs and the cycle will start all oper again. If this happens the noise in the vents could be there for up to 4 months. A long time….

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What are some of the problems with birds in Vents?

There are many problems that are associated with having birds in the vents of your home; some of the problems include lice and mites. Birds will carry both lice and mites, when a bird has access to the vents of your home; the insects often have direct access to your living area. Most of the time this is in either in the kitchen or in the bathrooms that are usually near a bedroom. This is usually the problem that shows itself. Most customers will complain of bugs falling down inside the bathroom from the vent areas. Once the kelainan becomes this bad it is only curable by a professional company trained to treat these pests. Other problems that could arise is ventilation problems, with the amount of nesting materials that birds use to build a nest in the vents, they always completely clog a vent, allowing no airflow thru the vent, this could be particularly bad if the bird will build the nest in a tabun vent or another vent that is critical to the operation of the home. You should always have these problems checked out by a professional, we have professionals that are located across America. You can find our complete list of recommended pros here. We also handle all types of bird feces removal. We also service Virginia and New Jersey and some of the locations we service in Virginia is: Richmond, Fairfax, Alexandria, Manassas, Woodbridge, Fredericksburg, Lorton, Dale City, Haymarket and all other areas of Northern Virginia. Some of the areas we service in New Jersey are: Newark, East Orange, Trenton, Middletown, Jersey City, Edison, Bridgewater, Elizabeth and all other areas of New Jersey. Give us a call today and let us solve your bird in the vent problem for good, in the areas of Virginia and New Jersey we offer limited warranties for work done. Some of the other services we offer is bird in store removal and bird spike installation in many areas of the country. We get lots of emails, so we will list some along with the answers to try to help you decide what to do!

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I was reading your website on bird nest removal. Thank you for providing this information. I do have a question for you. First, here is my situation: the reason I knew I tenggat an issue is because of the horrible smell coming from my 1st floor bathroom. I batas smelled something in our master bathroom upstairs a few weeks ago, but that smell is gone. I knew the birds were there, but I am young and just moved into this house in November and didn’t realize the problem with having them in the vent. I opened the vent yesterday and can see the nest. After inspecting it, birds came back to the hole, but I didn’t hear any chirping while up there. My question is: Since I can see the nest and I’m sure I can pull it out easily, would you still recommend a professional? I am probably going to do it myself with a shop vac unless you STRONGLY advise not to. If I do it, what cleaner do you recommend to get rid of the smell?  we get lots of emails, so we will list some along with the answers to try to help you decide what to do!

A) Always hire a professional unless you are completely comfortable with with heights and walking on rafters in your attic, if you slip and fall, you could cause thousands of dollars of damage to your homes finish(dry wall)  Let someone handle this that has the correct tools.

How to Get Rid of Birds in Vents