Wooden furniture always adds a sense of beauty and warmth to interior spaces and lasts over decades but can easily get damaged by termite infestation. If you ever come across piles of wood dust under your wooden furniture, it is a sign of termite infestation. Once these insects invade your home and tiba feeding on your expensive furniture, it becomes quite difficult to get rid of them. Hence it is recommended to carry out regular inspections around the house to check the presence of termites or other pests.

Typically, there are two types of termites that infest wooden furniture – subterranean and dry wood termite. Subterranean termites can be found in both wood and soil. These insects prefer to live and build their colonies in moist conditions. Subterranean termites are usually found under houses that destroy the foundations. These are also found inside dry wood walls, sidings, and eaves.  Both dry wood and subterranean termites are harmful to homes. Drywood termites cause the most amount of damage as they live inside dry furniture and walls.

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One of the major reasons why termites are hard to deal with is because termites cannot be detected mengangsur they cause sizable damage to furniture or have set up large colonies. Termites live in colonies which makes it difficult to get rid of them without proper tools and repelling agents. Read this article till the very end to learn about how to get rid of termites in and around your house.

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Signs That Your Home Is Infested With Termite

Homes, apartments, and villas in India mostly use timber for doors and windows. Woodwork is also used for furnishing inside the house. However, the quality of wood depends on the price and purpose. Wooden products that are not treated properly for pests and insects are more prone to termite infestation. Termites are incredibly destructive and cause substantial damage within a short period. Hence pest control measures are essential to keep wooden furniture and fixtures safe.

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Following are some of the notable signs of termite infestation-

  • Formation of mud tubes
  • Signs of wood damage
  • Misaligned doors and windows
  • Termite swarms
  • Termite mounds

Following is a list of termite prevention uang pelicin to help you prevent termites from spreading. You also need to ensure that the treatment is successful in restricting further infestation.

Keep the House Clutter-Free

Whether you choose to hire a professional for termite treatment or do it yourself, it is important to keep the house clutter-free. Get rid of useless paper, cardboard, newspapers, and old magazines. These provide a favourable environment for termites to thrive. If one of the rooms in the house is attacked by termites, then avoid shifting stuff and other furniture to other parts of the house.

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Fix Leaks

Always pay attention to any decay or leaks around the house. Moisture-laden walls and damaged roofs are perfect for termite infestation. Fix and seal leakages immediately and carry out a necessary check to prevent invasion of pests. Basements and grimy corners usually get overlooked and draw pests. Leakage in the basement is particularly damaging as it is close to the ground and easier for a termite to grow.

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fix water leaks to prevent termites

Keep Sufficient Distance between Soil and Wood

Houses with a garden should always ensure that there is sufficient distance between the wood and soil. Experts recommend keeping at least eighteen inches of distance. This effectively prevents termite attacks on doors, windows, and furniture. You can also use cement or stones to create a physical barrier between the soil and wooden structures.

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Keep Infested Items in the Sun

If you find termite in furniture, place it under direct sunlight. Continue this for three consecutive days to get rid of the termite. This technique is particularly effective during the summers as the heat from the sun kills the termite and also removes excess moisture from the furniture. Remember to dust off the furniture thoroughly and spray it with termite spray before shifting it inside. You can also follow the same practice with furniture that is not affected by termites to keep them safe.

keep sunlight to get rid of termite

Use Borate at the Time of Painting or Priming Wood Surfaces

Borate is one of the most effective termite repellents. You can spray bare wooden surfaces with borate before priming or painting. It soaks into the wood and prevents termite infestation. After applying the termite spray, you can use a primer or paint to protect it against moisture. The borate spray is quite strong to keep away termites for decades.

borate while painting surface

Eliminate Moisture

Moisture is one of the main reasons that attract mites and pests inside the house. Eliminating excess moisture helps in keeping termites away. If the house is in a humid environment, consider using a dehumidifier. During the summer, you can use an air conditioner periodically to maintain a cool temperature inside the house. It also helps in removing excess moisture from indoor air.

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reduce moisture to prevent termite

If your home is already infested with termites then it is best to seek help from professional pest control agencies. They carry out a complete inspection and then recommend appropriate termite control measures for your home. Depending on the amount of damage caused by the termites, the cost of treatment will vary. After complete home termite control treatment, you will be able to clean and maintain your furniture regularly. Apply neem oil on wooden surfaces to keep termites away. You can also book pest control services from HomeLane on an annual basis to keep the house free from pests and termites.