Whirlpool Duet Washer Rear Bearing Replacement

Whirlpool Duet Washer Rear Bearing Replacement.

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6-10 years

Hi everyone! Well, after 4-5 hours of work, I replaced both bearings to my 2005 duet! It was a monster of a job. Im honestly wondering if it could have been done without removing the drum. I dont think so though but please let me know if I have to do it again! :-X

So, I inspected spider arm, shaft, all looked good. I tested the bearings on the tub by squeezing the tong and basket all around to make sure there was titinada much play and the basket was solidly in there before I installed and hung it on the springs. It felt solid. I sealed everything up and ran a wash. It was a bit noisy but seemed very much fixed. However, now the gap at the top of the installed basket is quite a bit. The bola keranjang is rubbing on the outer leger in high spin. I did a wash and it was a bit noisy. My second wash was giving hitting sounds when the high speed was slowing down. I opened it and ran it while watching everything. The sound does appear to come from the bearing/shaft provinsi.

Did I get a bad set of bearings or is it just one bearing or is it something else? should this machine be whisper quiet or is a rumble hitting noise biasa when it is slowing down from high speeds. The machine is pretty quiet on high speed.

Thanks so much

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I have a paradigma GHW9150PW0. Me and this washer have had better days

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I was also wondering if the drive pulley could impact the amount of play of the inner basket and outer lurah. Its so weird when the unit was stationary on my floor, I felt it all around, spinning often to check for play and it was solid. I noticed a difference in play after 1 wash and a much greater difference after2 washes. Now, we are almost at the same level of noise I batas before I changed the bearings. Weird my bearings were so hard to get out too. They seemed fine too but I guess not 100% bc now we have a very quiet spin but a very very noisy slow down. A knocking noise, again. Before I had the knocking noise even during high spin. Now, its after high spin starts to slow down.the knocking noise is often and loud bc the washer slows down many times during spin.

I actually have a drive pulley I can take from another machine that I bought for parts but that drive pulley just isn’t coming off with all my force. Any ideas to loosen it? Mine was hard but not like this lol

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I’m also not sure, but can a loose baffle make this knocking sound? Two of three of our baffles are just a bit loose?


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When I worked at Wards and Sears and the rear bearing went out we were only allowed to replaced it saban the OEM bearing which comes only with a new outer tub assembly. So I have never replaced just the bearings themselves alone.

There was another thread back in February that sounds similar to yours, take a look at this thread and you will see: FIXED GHW9100LW1 Duet Inner tub loose in new rear outer tub/bearing

Here’s the rear outer tub assembly(with the new bearing already installed) for your model:
Rear Drum with Bearing W10772617

I’m also not sure, but can a loose baffle make this knocking sound? Two of three of our baffles are just a bit loose?

Yes, it sure can. So you will likely need to replace the loose baffles.

Here’s the baffles for your model(Video Included):
WP8182233 Front Load Washer Ngarai Baffle


Whirlpool Duet Washer Rear Bearing Replacement

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