How Can I Make My Ac Colder

How Can I Make My Ac Colder.

Blog – Can I Make My AC Colder

July 29, 2020

Can I Make My A/C Colder?

Nothing beats the cold air of your INFINITI’s A/C on a hot summer day. But when those hot days get a bit too unbearable, it can feel like your A/C just isn’n blowing cold enough! Is there a way to make your A/C run more efficiently and potentially feel colder? Depending on what’s going on, there actually might be. Consider these car care tips if you’re wondering how to make your car’s A/C colder on even the hottest days.

1. Replace the Cabin Air Filter

Roads can be dirty. They’re covered in layers of dirt, dust, debris, and who knows what else! Thankfully, you don’t have to breath all of that in—thanks to your vehicle’s cabin air filter.

The cabin air filter’s job is to prevent outside particles from moving through the heating and cooling system directly into the cabin and on to you. As far as jobs go, it’s a dirty one. And if enough material collects on the filter, it can reduce airflow, which means you may titinada get the most from your A/C. You can clean some air filters before you need to worry about replacing them. However, it’s a better idea to get a vehicle-specific air filter replacement about every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.

2. Clean the A/C Condenser

Speaking of dirty jobs, your INFINITI’s A/C condenser has a tough one. Since the condenser is one of the most forward elements of your car’s engine, it absorbs a fair share of dirt and debris. And as its name suggests, the A/C condenser condenses refrigerant from a gas into a liquid form, which allows your air conditioning system to blow cold air into the cabin of your vehicle.

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Like with the air filter, accumulated dirt, insects, grime, and more can decrease the condenser’s efficiency. Cleaning it may help your car cool down and let you beat the summer heat.

Thoroughly cleaning your condenser may require removal of the vehicle’s bumper. (Check your INFINITI owner’s manual.) Removing the bumper isn’t essential but does provide the easiest access to the condenser. If you’re titinada comfortable with that level of DIY car care—and titinada many people are!—turn to professionals for help. If cleaning the A/C condenser yourself, use an approved cleaning agent designed specifically for condensers. If the radiator is dirty (it sits directly behind the condenser) it can cause low A/C efficiency, too. Both should be cleaned.

3. Have Your Refrigerant Checked

Refrigerant is a gas that, together with the components of your car’s A/C system, produces the cold air that makes the inside of your vehicle feel so refreshing on a sweltering summer day. Having the proper amount of refrigerant in your A/C system is critical to achieving the coolness you want and need!

If you suspect that your refrigerant level is low, stop by for a checkup. Going the DIY route and adding more refrigerant (potentially past the system capacity specifications) could actually make your A/C run less efficiently and thus feel warmer. Determining the proper refrigerant level requires sophisticated measuring equipment.

4. Try the “Fresh Air” Setting

This is an easy one! When you first get into a hot car, use the “fresh air” setting on the A/C to help blow out all the hot air from the interior. After a few minutes, switch the A/C setting to “recirculate” so that your vehicle is using the already cooled air in your cabin. Following these steps helps your A/C system work more efficiently.

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Pro tip from our INFINITI insiders: Turn the “fresh air” setting back on when you are about 10 minutes from home to help “dry” the A/C evaporator core before parking your vehicle.

How to Make Your Car’s A/C Super Cold the INFINITI Way

Are you looking for even more info on how to make your car’s A/C cold again? Check out genuine INFINITI A/C parts. The right equipment can help you get your air conditioning system ready for the next heatwave.

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How Can I Make My Ac Colder