Valspar Limewash Glaze Before and After

Valspar Limewash Glaze Before and After.

Easy DIY: How to Apply Limewash Glaze

I love the beachy white-washed driftwood look that is everywhere right now. When we moved from Colorado to Florida last year we kept a lot of our furniture, but in our new house it didn’t quite sehat. So I sold some of the darker pieces, the Colorado house was more “traditional” farmhouse with dark stained furniture and heavy wood. I began to add pieces that cegak more the “coastal” farmhouse style that we are going for here in the Sunshine State. But we couldn’t afford to get everything new. So I built this bench, to go with a new dining room table we bought at Pier One (RIP, I’m still so sad to see that store go).

The issue was this table has more of a whitewashed look than a paint or a stain and I wasn’t sure how to make it match. Enter: Valspar Limewash Glaze! I have used this now on several pieces and I LOVE it! It is super user friendly, and I thought I’d share how I’ve figured out the best and easiest way to apply it.

I wanted these two 2×8″ shelves to match our new coffee warung kopi (World Market’s Everett Table) and, since I’d limewashed the bench and the top of my sliding door entertainment unit, I figured I was now a limewash expert ha!

Limewash glaze on my sliding door cabinet

To begin, figure out the wood you want to limewash and sand it down to remove any rough edges or splinters. These shelves were a 2x8x10, and I had the lovely team member at Lowe’s cut in half to give me two 5 foot long shelves (easier to get home this way).

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Tip: Make sure your wood is straight on all sides! Take your time to pick and choose the best piece. I’ve rushed through picking a piece of wood before and once I got it home, realized it was slightly warped and made a very wonky shelf.

Then wipe all the akrab dust off with a slightly damp towel. I found after testing 5 different stains that the best stain to use to match my whitewashed furniture is “Puritan Pine”, but this might look different depending on what wood you use.

Stain the wood using a soft rag and wear gloves, it’s called stain for a reason! Put the stain on lightly and then wipe it right away with the rag. Don’t be afraid, the stain looks orange-y and darker at this stage. The third picture shows the 2 shelves I just stained, next to another shelf I’ve already limewashed. See how much the limewash glaze lightens the wood!

Next, the fun part! I use a slightly stiff brush that is barely damp, and a damp rag. How many times can I say damp in a sentence?? I guess it’s better than moist. Sorry to those of you who hate that word, please don’t hate me.

Lightly dip the ends of the brush in the limewash glaze, wipe off the excess on the side of the can, and– working in small sections– work the glaze into the wood alternating in circular and straight motions. Make sure there is no excess glaze anywhere. Then use the hardly damp rag to lightly wipe off extra glaze. Go light with this process, you can always add more but you can’t take it away once it has dried. The jar says you have 15 minutes to work on it until it begins to cure, although to fully dry it takes 24 hours.

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Tip: Check my instagram for a quick video on this process.

Keep moving down the piece you a glazing, painting and then wiping, until you’ve finished one side. In this first picture the left part of the shelf is done and the right part is not, so you can see how light I’m applying the glaze. The second picture is of the 2 shelves side by side, the left shelf is done and the right shelf is not.

There’s debate about whether or not you need a coat of poly or not to protect what you’ve just glazed. From the Lowe’s website, Valspar wrote “It is not necessary to use a top coat over the Limewash Glaze, but if you would like additional protection you can apply Water-Base Poly or Signature Clear Coat.

The brackets are from Ikea, and I believe they have been discontinued. It is the Ekby Lerberg bracket and I am so glad I bought several of them when I senggat the chance. I did find some on Amazon but they are not at the Ikea price point.

At this point, we’re done! Super easy right?! Here are the shelves after drying all night, ready to be styled! If you try this technique please comment or tag me on Instagram, I would love to see your projects! Have fun!

Limewashed shelves

Tools I Use

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Valspar Limewash Glaze Before and After


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