Pokémon GO Trading Chart – Unlocking Value in Your Collection

Are you ready to elevate your Pokémon GO experience? Trading is an essential element of the game, allowing you to acquire new species, bolster your team, and establish connections with fellow Trainers. However, understanding the intricate intricacies of Pokémon trading can be daunting. Fear not, for this comprehensive Pokémon GO trading chart will guide you through the nuances of this thrilling aspect of the game, empowering you to maximize its potential.

How Much to Trade Pokemon Go & What are the Trading Costs?
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Deciphering the Pokémon GO Trading System

The trading system in Pokémon GO operates on a concept of Stardust cost and IV floors. Stardust is the primary currency used for trading, with the amount required varying based on factors such as Attack, Defense, and Friendship Level. IV floors, on the other hand, determine the minimum IVs guaranteed for traded Pokémon. These mechanisms are in place to maintain game balance and prevent unfair trading practices.

Unveiling the Stardust Cost

The Stardust cost for a trade is determined by three factors:

  1. Base Cost: All Pokémon have a base cost of 100 Stardust.
  2. Distance Traveled: Trading Pokémon acquired far from the trade location incurs an additional Stardust cost. The farther the distance, the higher the cost.
  3. Friendship Level: Sharing a Best Friend status grants a significant 92% discount on Stardust cost, while having reached Ultra Friend or Good Friend status earns a 50% or 25% reduction respectively.
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Understanding IV Floors

When trading Pokémon, IV floors come into play to ensure a minimum IV value. The following IV floors are applied based on Friendship Level:

  • Best Friend: Guaranteed 5 IVs
  • Ultra Friend: Guaranteed 4 IVs
  • Good Friend: Guaranteed 3 IVs
  • Regular Friend: Discounted IVs, but no guaranteed minimum

Pokemon Go Trading Chart
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Factors to Consider Before Trading

Before embarking on a trade, several key factors warrant your consideration:

  1. Species and Rarity: Assess the species and rarity of the Pokémon you intend to trade. Rarity and desirability heavily influence trade value.
  2. IVs and CP: Inspect the IVs and combat power (CP) of the Pokémon involved. Higher IVs and CP enhance the Pokémon’s overall strength.
  3. Shiny Value: Shiny Pokémon hold a special allure among collectors. Secure the most desirable trades by offering or requesting shiny specimens.
  4. Friendship Level: Prioritize trading with Best Friends or higher Friendship Level players to optimize Stardust savings. Consider establishing new friendships or strengthening existing ones for greater trading advantages.

Maximizing the Benefits of Trading

Trading in Pokémon GO extends beyond mere exchange. Embrace these strategies to reap maximum benefits:

  1. Completing Your Pokédex: Trading is an effective means of filling out your Pokédex, especially for species not readily available in your region.
  2. Building a Stronger Team: Enhance your team’s capabilities by acquiring Pokémon with superior IVs and movesets. Identify the weaknesses in your team and seek trades that cover those gaps.
  3. Evolving Special Pokémon: Evolve certain Pokémon, such as Machoke and Gengar, through trading. Take advantage of this unique trading mechanic to broaden your collection.
  4. Expanding Your Collection: Trading enables you to acquire Pokémon with different variations, such as regional variants and costumed Pokémon. Embrace the diversity and novelty these additions bring to your collection.
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Pokemon Go Trading Chart


The Pokémon GO trading chart unveils the secrets of unlocking value in your Pokémon collection. By comprehending the Stardust cost, IV floors, and trade factors, you can engage in strategic trades that enhance your gameplay experience. As you navigate the trading scene, remember to focus on completing your Pokédex, strengthening your team, and expanding your collection. Embrace the opportunities that trading presents, forge valuable connections with fellow Trainers, and propel yourself to the zenith of Pokémon GO mastery.

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